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NEWS – weeeek [7th Single]

Posted on: July 12, 2008

NEWS’ seventh single, entitled weeeek, was released on 11.07.07. The single was released on the same day as their second studio album, pacific. weeeek was used as the Crymson/Russ-K CM song. Both editions of the single feature the B-side, with me. The limited edition features Why while the regular edition is home to Rainbow.

weeeek, an energetic and uptempo track, is the title track. The song starts off with a cool instrumentation with rock elements in it that really make it stand out before delving into a more catchy pop sound in time of the chorus. The boys of members sing the chorus with such energy that it really catches the listener’s ear from the first moment. Yamapi, Ryo and Shige sound great with the first verse with a sort of rapping approach that still carries that singing sound. The hook sounds great as the vocals are smoother and help create a more relaxing atmosphere. Massu and Koyama sound great here as their vocals suit the sound strongly. Following the chorus is a nice pure instrumental section that shows off the coolness and fun-ness of the music. Tegoshi, Yamapi and Ryocome strongly on the third verse, which stands out nicely and then the chorus comes back. The song ends with a fantastic pure instrumental sequence, showing off the true energy and style of the song. weeeek is one of NEWS’ more catchy and addictive songs with the energy coming out from the very first moment.

with me is a beautiful ballad that shows off the boys’ voices nicely. After a gorgeous instrumental with a certain magical feeling to it, the first verse starts. The vocals along with the sound of the acoustic guitar really does create a simple feeling that resonates in the listener’s mind. The chorus features some nice harmonization from the boys and the English phrases “cry with me” and “smile with me” among others, really make it stand out. Following is a lovely pure instrumental section that is great on the ears. The actual pure instrumental section following the second verse is wonderful, showing off a fanciful sound that further enhances that magical feeling. Tegoshi smoothly sings his way fantastically on the third verse, delivering some great vocals. Massu then sings the chorus after and he captures the emotion nicely through his voice.  A sweet instrumental finishes the song off, making with me an excellent B-side and definitely worth the listen.

Pop flares come out for the B-side present only on the regular edition, Rainbow. The song starts off strongly with the chorus, which sounds great with the music. English phrases such as “we can fly” and “we can change” pop nicely and make the listener want to hear more. The boys voices sound wonderful with each other and following a small section of pure instrumentation, the first verse starts. The lyrics are delivered somewhat quickly but it catches the listener’s ear and keeps the interest high. The third verse is slightly different but the vocals are still strong and move with the music perfectly, particularly with the final note of the verse, which is held strongly. An absolutely brilliant pure instrumental section closes the song perfectly. Rainbow is a wonderful B-side and an a fantastic song from NEWS.

In order to promote the single, a PV for weeeek was made. The general theme of the video was a comic strip (which ties in with the regular edition cover of the single) as there are various scenes of the boys in comic-book format. The central set features the boys singing in a red and gray room with pictures of each member from the limited edition cover. They are dressed in all suits, tying in with the lyrical thoughts. It’s an excellent video that shows off the fun energy of the song perfectly as the boys’ faces show it as clearly as can be.

Single Ranking: A +

NEWS’ seventh single is definitely that cannot be missed. The leading song, weeeek, is a fun and energetic song that is absolutely addictive. The B-sides, With me and Rainbow, both are gems that show off the boys’ vocals nicely. The former is a sweet ballad while the latter is a great pop song. NEWS is the best of the Johnny Entertainment boys and this single continues to prove it.


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