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Otsuka Ai – 大好きだよ。[6th Single]

Posted on: July 17, 2008

Otsuka Ai’s 6th single, entitled 大好きだよ。, was released on 10.20.04. The title track was used as the the theme song for the drama Tokio Chichi e no Dengon.

The title track is a sweet and personal ballad that really touches the listener’s heart. The song starts off with a beautiful sound before the piano begins and introduces the song’s sorrowful atmosphere. The first verse features some great and beautiful vocals that really catch the listener’s ear. Right before the chorus, Ai’s vocals really start to get more powerful and portray the emotion strongly. The chorus really is memorable as Ai powerfully sings her lyrics, really bringing the emotions to the forefront. When the chorus is sung, it really provides a perfect finish for the section. The closing instrumentation and vocalizing of “la la la” really is the perfect finish as the instrumentation momentarily takes on a slightly different sound before the piano closes it out.

フレンズ is the single’s B-side. The song starts off very sweetly with the first verse, supported by a sweet instrumental driven by the guitar. Her vocals sound great here and really stand out to the listener. During a small section of pure instrumentation, heavy rock flare really comes out in the song. The first word of the chorus stands out as Ai sings it strongly as Ai sings it by hitting the note perfectly. The echoing used during the chorus is a great part of the song that really makes the lyrics stand out all the more. The pure instrumental section brings out that enjoyable rock flavor that hits the listener strongly. This song is an excellent B-side and a good compliment to the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 大好きだよ。 was made and it’s definitely one of Ai’s strongest videos. The personal theme reflected in the song comes out strongly on this PV featuring the various memories of Ai and her ex-boyfriend. The oppening sequence features Ai receiving a present from her boyfriend, which really shows how sweet the video begins and the various pictures of the two really touches the listener’s heart. For representing the emotions of the song so strongly, the PV is phenomenal.

Single Ranking: A

Otsuka Ai’s 6th single features two songs that hit the listener hard. The A-side features that personal touch on the sorrowful ballad that can make the listener cry. Ai brings the emotions to the forefront through her fantastic vocals. The B-side also is a strong song but this time with rock flares to seperate it from the A-side. Both songs really show what Ai can do.


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