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Otsuka Ai – 金魚花火 [5th Single]

Posted on: July 17, 2008

Otsuka Ai’s 5th single, entitled 金魚花火, was released on 08.18.04. The title track of the single was used as the ending theme for Super TV Jyouhou Saizensen on Nihon TV.

The title track is the beautifull sorrowful ballad, 金魚花火. The song starts off with a gorgeous instrumentation that really captures the song’s element. When the first verse comes in, Ai smoothly and sweetly sings the lyrics, which are beautiful. The chorus stands out to the listener as Ai’s vocals show beauty and emotion, particularly on the singing of the title and the final note of the chorus. The sound of water dropping is definitely a great addition to the song. The final note of the song is held with such grace and power that the song’s atmosphere really comes to life. More sweet instrumentation brings the song to a fantastic finish. Ai’s vocals really are fantastic on this ballad and really highlight the sorrow of the beautiful lyrics.

ココ夏バケーション  is the B-side and features a happier sound. The sound of water begins this song and then a sweet instrumental comes in to assist. Soon, more of a tropical sound comes through and then the chorus starts. Her vocals sound great here and really do work well to capture that happy element and the singing of “vacation” is what really stands out to the listener. The second verse is really enjoyable as the instrumentation becomes slightly more varied. The songs ends with some fun vocalizing, bringing the song’s happy atmosphere to the forefront. The song is an excellent and happy song featuring a nice tropical sound.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 金魚花火. Although simplistic, the video is gorgeous. Much like the covers, Ai is seen underwater as she sadly sings the lyrics of the song. She is also seen on the top of a cliff, which has an absolutely breathtaking setting. The PV really does do a great job of capturing the song’s emotion perfectly.

Single Ranking: A

Otsuka Ai’s 5th single is another great combination of songs. The A-side is one Ai’s strongest songs in her discography and certainly a beautiful ballad. Ai’s vocals are wonderful, enhancing on the instrumental strength. The B-side is a fun tropical adventure in which Ai takes the listener on.


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