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Otsuka Ai – 黒毛和牛上塩タン焼680円 [7th Single]

Posted on: July 17, 2008

Otsuka Ai’s 7th single, entitled 黒毛和牛上塩タン焼680円, was released on 02.09.05. Originally, the song was released on her 2nd studio album LOVE JAM under the name 黒毛和牛上塩タン焼735円. The song was then redone with a more rock sound and renamed for a single release. The title track was used as the first ending theme for the anime series Black Jack on Nihon TV.

黒毛和牛上塩タン焼680円 is a fun song with rock tints. Opening the song is a line beautifully sung in acapella. After a small instrumental section showing off some cool rock flares, the first verse starts, which goes on a softer sound. Ai’s vocals sound very nice here. The chorus stands up, particularly for the first notes, which she holds very strongly. The pure instrumental section sounds great and the drums come out very nicely. The final line is also sung acapella, which brings the song to an excellent close. By showing off some cool rock sounds, the A-side is an enjoyable number which Ai brings to life.

本マグロ中トロ三〇〇円(緑色) is a slower and sweet song. The song starts off with a cool and somewhat relaxing upbeat music. The first verse then begins and Ai’s vocals sound really pretty here, keeping with the music well. The chorus nicely stands as Ai’s vocals become a little stronger and she hits the higher notes strongly and beautifully. The certain calming element prompted by the jazziness comes through on a small pure instrumental section. More sweet instrumentation closes the song, rounding out the song as strong from start to finish. The first B-side is certainly an enjoyable number from Ai and with a sweet jazziness, it stands out to the listener.

つくね70円 is the second B-side. Begining the song is part of the chorus, sung with a certain fragility in her voice that really catches the listener’s ear. The piano accompanying her sounds really pretty and then from what feels like out of nowhere comes an aggressive rock instrumental sequence. The song continues with full on, hard rock instrumentation for the rest of the song, really spotlighting the cool music. The song is pretty simplistic but the music is somewhat enjoyable. Honestly, its inclusion on the single was not very necessary.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 黒毛和牛上塩タン焼680円. The video is pretty simple as it features her singing while grilling cow tongue for someone to enjoy. She looks very pretty and it’s actually a cool way to represent the song. Although simplistic, it’s fun just like the song.

Single Ranking: A –

Otsuka Ai’s 7th single features 黒毛和牛上塩タン焼680円 as the leading A-side as well as two B-sides. The first of which is a nice jazzy number while the other is a pretty pointless song focusing almost completely on the rock instrumentation. The A-side shows off some rock tints to make for an enjoyable song. The single definitely has its ups and downs but is an enjoyable one nonetheless.


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