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Otsuka Ai – ネコに風船 [9th Single]

Posted on: July 21, 2008

Otsuka Ai’s 9th single, entitled ネコに風船, was released on 07.13.05. While the single’s title track was used as the main theme for the Toshiba mobile phone W31T (au) CM and the B-side, 夏空, was used as the CM song.

ネコに風船 is a comforting and sweet song. Opening the song is a nice instrumental and soon the first verse begins, held alive by Ai’s vocals, which possess a certain cuteness to them. As the verse comes to a close, her vocals hit the higher notes strongly and then the chorus starts. This is where the cuteness of her voice does come in handy for catching the listener’s ear. The third verse sounds excellent as Ai holds her notes with such strength and emotion that the listener can’t help but take notice. The song finishes with a very pretty instrumental, bringing the song to a great close. This A-side is a great song with enough emotion to carry the listener through wonderfully.

The B-side of the single is the sweet and relaxing, 夏空. The song begins with a sweet instrumental that resonates with the listener from the opening sound. The first verse starts and Ai’s vocals sound great and possess that personal element that really captures the lyrical meaning. The chorus features some more vocal strength from Ai as she holds her notes fantastically and at some points, she goes for more of a whispered effect that works perfectly with the song’s atmosphere. For its relaxing atmoshere and Ai’s strong vocals, this B-side really does stand out to the listener as a strong and enjoyable song. Ai’s vocalizing that comes after the chorus sounds great and adds a certain magic to the song.

Single Ranking: A

While ネコに風船 is an enjoyable and comforting leading track, the B-side is definitely enjoyable, establishing a sweet and personal feel that Ai brings to life with beautiful vocals. The combination of the two forms an enjoyable single for the listener.


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