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Otsuka Ai – プラネタリウム [10th Single]

Posted on: July 21, 2008

Otsuka Ai’s 10th single, entitled プラネタリウム, was released on 09.21.05. The title track was used as an insert song for the popular dorma Hana Yori Dango.

プラネタリウム is a wonderful ballad that resonates with the listener. Beautiful piano instrumentation opens the song and the emotional feeling is established from the first moment. The first verse starts and Ai’s vocals show the emotions and they carry that softness that moves with the music. The chorus features a slightly different instrumentation and Ai’s vocals continue to be strong, bringing the beauty of the lyrics to life. The beauty of the music is spotlighted during the pure instrumental section. プラネタリウム is a very pretty ballad that connects with the listener from the first moment.

drop. is the B-side of the single. The song begins with a cool instrumental, centered on the guitar. Once the chorus starts, Ai’s vocals are a bit cutesy catching the listener’s attention and moving nicely with the music. The first verse features Ai moving up the vocal scale a little bit as each line goes on and she hits her notes nicely. Moments of pure instrumentation stand out to the listener as they really capture the element of coolness that the song exutes. The vocalizing sounds great and is a nice way of leading the listener back into the chorus. Enjoyable instrumentation finishes the song off. This song is a nice B-side and a good contrast to the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for プラネタリウム. One scene features Ai singing in a beautiful white dress, standing on water and in front of a breathtaking background, another features Ai running between two walls of spinning flowers. The video is pretty simple but it is really pretty, reflecting the sweetness of the lyrics.

Single Ranking: A –

Otsuka AI’s 10th single features two songs that work nicely with each other. プラネタリウム is a very pretty ballad with Ai’s great vocals over a wonderful instrumental. The B-side is a more cool-feeling song that may not be the strongest Ai song but it’s still enjoyable.


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