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Otsuka Ai – ポケット [16th Single]

Posted on: July 23, 2008

Otsuka Ai’s 16th single, entitled ポケット, was released on 11.07.07. ポケット was used as a CM song for November.

The title track is a very pretty ballad that shows off Ai’s vocals. Sweet piano instrumentation opens up the song and leads into the first verse nicely. Her vocals sound very pretty and have a certain fragility to them that the listener can’t help but feel. The chorus features Ai showing off a little more vocal power and it goes with the music perfectly. Following the chorus, the instrumentation changes things up a bit by adding a little more flavor. Closing the song is the same sweet piano instrumental that opened it. ポケット is a wonderful ballad and Ai emotes very well on the song, bringing it to life.

The first B-side is チケット. The song starts off with an interesting instrumental and soon the tempo picks up and the listener is in another world. The first verse comes in and Ai’s vocals go perfectly with the music and there is a certain cuteness in her voice that really works with the music. The chorus is enjoyable as Ai’s vocals really capture the song’s emotions and help the listener feel them too. The pure instrumental section sounds great and is really one of the parts of the song that stand out the most. チケット is definitely a good complimentary track to the A-side with a more upbeat and happy sound.

LIFE – LOVE CiRCLE is the second B-side but it should have been left off the single. The song is in all English and the lyrics are pretty repetitive. The song’s saving quality is the instrumentation, which is actually pretty interesting. Unfortunately, the song just gets old really fast and was really not needed for this single.

In order to promote the single, a PV for ポケット was made. The video is actually very simple as Ai sings outside in a beautiful snowy setting. She looks absolutely wonderful here and it really compliments the song’s beauty.

Single Ranking: A –

Otsuka Ai’s 16th single features the wonderful ballad and title track ポケット, the upbeat and enjoyable チケット and finally the somewhat childish and English song LIFE – LOVE CiRCLE. The first two songs are great while the third is really un-necessary.


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