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Otsuka Ai – PEACH / HEART [15th Single]

Posted on: July 23, 2008

Otsuka Ai’s 15th single, entitled PEACH / HEART, was released on 07.25.07. PEACH was used as the theme song for the dorama Hanazakari  no Kimatachi.

PEACH is a happy summer song that brings out Ai’s fun side. The peppy instrumentation opens the song nicely and then the first verse begins. Ai’s cutesy vocals help the listener keep up with the song’s energy and they support the music perfectly. The chorus stands out mostly for when Ai sings “peach” in an adorable voice. Ai holds a great note before the pure instrumental section comes in, putting an emphasis on the free spirit of the song. PEACH is a great song that nicely shows off the fun and happiness of summer.

HEART is a sweet ballad that the listener can’t help but love. The song begins with the chorus, which is easily the most memorable part of the song. It’s the first line of the song that hooks the listener and is the center of that section. Then the first verse follows the pure instrumental section. Her vocals are really pretty and capture the song’s emotions perfectly. A dreamy feeling is established with the pure instrumental section. HEART is an excellent ballad that shows off Ai’s vocals and a pretty instrumental.

In order to promote the single, a PV for PEACH. Ai’s summer songs usually have weird PVs to go with them and this one is no different. The video mainly features Ai and her band rocking out at the beach but there are a few other scenes such as the group pushing a giant peach and others enjoying the beach scene.

Single Ranking: A

Otsuka Ai’s 15th single, entitled PEACH / HEART, is a double A-side that are two sides of a coin. While PEACH is a happy and energetic summer song, HEART is a sweet ballad that the listener can’t help but love. As another quality release from Ai, both songs are enjoyable.


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