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Arashi – Time [7th Studio Album]

Posted on: July 24, 2008

Arashi’s 7th studio album, entitled Time, was released on 07.11.07. The regular edition of the album features a bonus track on the first CD while the limited edition features a second CD complete with a solo song sung by each member of the group. The singles released prior to the album are as follows: アオゾラペダル, Love so sweet and We can make it! 

The album opens up with the energetic and upbeat Oh Yeah! The song starts off with a cool guitar-driven instrumental before the first verse starts. The vocals sound nice here although the verses are just a little bit lacking. The chorus shows more of the song’s energy and the boys’ voices move together very well and it’s enjoyable. The pure instrumental section sounds great though as the coolness and slickness of the music is really spotlighted. The song concludes with some vocalizing from the boys and it doesn’t particularly seem needed but the instrumentation that closes the song is a nice touch. Oh Yeah! is a nice upbeat song although there isn’t such a strong energetic presence that would’ve made the song even better.

Up next is Love so sweet, which was released as a single prior to the album. Opening the song is a sweet instrumentation that the listener really can enjoy and then the boys do some vocalizing, which seems a little out-of-place. The first verse then comes in and the vocals are very nice, capturing the song’s atmosphere perfectly. The chorus features a slightly different instrumental and stands out to the listener as the boys’ vocals blend together well. The pure instrumental section is nice but nothing particularly hooking. Overall Love so sweet is a nice song but it could’ve been better, particularly by removing the repeating vocalizing sequences.

WAVE follows as the third song, a nice jazzy song. The song starts off with an upbeat jazzy instrumentation, which really captures the listener’s ear, particularly the saxophone. The boys sound very nice on the first verse and the constant sound that makes a wave in the instrumentation really stands out. The chorus is enjoyable as the boys’ voices sound great and have a certain poppiness to them that moves with the music so well. The rap sequence actually fits in the song really strongly and has a certain slickness to it that fits in with the music well. WAVE is a great song and it certainly catches the listener’s ear more than the previous two songs.

Another single track, We can make it!, is the album’s fourth song. The song starts off with a spakling and somewhat mysterious instrumental. The boys’ voices sound absolutely great here, which really make the verses worth checking out. The chorus has a more happy feeling, which makes the listener just smile and the music is so pretty that it immediately catches the listener’s ear. The third verse has a certain out-of-this-world feeling that sounds great and makes a smooth transition into the rap section. Although the music stands out more than the vocals here, it is still an enjoyable part of the song. We can make it! is an excellent number and definitely one of the standout songs on the album.

Up next is R&B dance track, Firefly. Opening the song is a cool and sleek instrumental with a certain darkness that only stays momentarily. Soon the atmosphere clears for a more R&B dance feel that sounds nice and the English phrases such as “you and I” pop very nicely. The chorus is nice as the boys show off some really nice vocals that go with the music. The following rap sequence sounds great as that darkness comes back in the music and catches the listener’s ear. Firefly certainly isn’t a bad song but had it stuck with the dark tone, it would’ve left a stronger impression on the listener’s mind.

太陽の世界 continues the upbeat sound as the next song. The song begins an aggressive and happy dance sound that immediately catches the listener’s ear. The rap sequence sounds very enjoyable as it just fits with the free and upbeat atmosphere of the song. The chorus is enjoyable as the boys vocals sound great together and move with the music so well. The pure instrumental section spotlights a certain jazziness that really stands out and makes a nice re-introduction for the chorus. The song is very enjoyable and a standout number from Time.

Things slow down with the next song, Carry on. A sweet instrumental begins the song and then the first verse begins with some great vocals that carry across the music perfectly. The chorus is a little bland but the boys’ vocals sound nice. Carry on is not very interesting and unfortunately doesn’t hook the listener like it should.

And coming back from a slow song, ROCK ON picks up the tempo. The song starts off with an enjoyable piano instrumental and then the chorus comes in and just makes the listener fall in love with the song from first moment. The boys’ vocals sound great and mix perfectly. The first verse pushes the instrumentation to a more simplistic approach with the piano being the sole accompaniment for the vocals and they make a nice combination. The pure instrumental section sounds wonderful and makes a nice setup for the rap sequence, which actually finds the perfect home on the song. Althoough the song isn’t rock at all, it’s one of the most memorable songs on the album and shows off what these boys can do.

The following song is Cry for you. The song starts off quickly with some vocals that have a slick and sexiness to them that go with the music perfectly. The chorus features an aggressive rock sound that compliments the music perfectly and the vocals express the anguish so strongly that the listener can’t help but be taken a bit aback. The pure instrumental section is the perfect communication of emotion and strength, which fuels the song’s power before setting up the listener to fall back into the chorus.

Love Situation appears as the next song. After a piano instrumental opening, things pick up with an uptempo jazzy sound. The vocals sound very nice as the first verse runs through and then the chorus begins. There isn’t really a set up instrumentally to make the chorus stand out and the vocals don’t particularly show any more power so it comes of as a little bland. The pure instrumental section is a nice touch though and the listener gets very interested. Overall Love Situation is not particularly capturing but the boys’ vocals are nice.

The following song, 風, is somewhat like the previous one. The song starts off with a similar piano opening and then things pick up as time goes on. The boys’ vocals are nice during the first verse and support the music nicely. Once again, the chorus doesn’t pop at all as the vocal strength remains relatively the same as the verses. The song is pretty bland and doesn’t catch the listener’s attention at all.

Be with you is a strong ballad. Opening the song is a vrey pretty instrumentation that really hits the listener’s heart. The first verse begins and the vocals move strongly with the music, capturing the emotional presence and showing power. The chorus stands out as the boys harmonize wonderfully and capture the spirit of this big ballad. The pure instrumental section puts a spotlight on how pretty the music and keeps the listener lost in its beauty before the chorus comes back in. Be with you is a great ballad that the boys do so well on.

The guitar is the central focus on the next song, LIFE. Starting off the song is the guitar and some interesting sounds that stand out nicely. The first verse then comes and the boys smoothly sing, keeping the listener interested. The chorus features some nice vocals although it isn’t anything spectacular. LIFE is a pretty bland song that doesn’t stand out as nicely as it should.

The semifinale is アオゾラペダル. The song starts off with sweet and enjoyable music. When the first verse starts, the boys vocals sound very strong and move with the music perfectly. The chorus features some stronger vocals from the boys and they certainly catch the listener’s attention. It’s a great semifinale number and certainly one to enjoy.

The album finishes off with Everybody 前進. A line from the chorus quickly opens the song and immediately the listener is entranced. The first verse follows and the boys’ vocals sound very nice and go with the music very nicely. The chorus is pretty nice although it would’ve been stronger had their been a little more push in the instrumentation. The pure instrumentation sequence sounds great and really hooks the listener from the first moment. The song is a great closing number and certainly shows off what the boys can do.

For those who bought the limited edition, five songs were made, sung solo by each member of the group. The first of the solos is Ohno’s song entitled Song for me. The song begins with a gorgeous midtempo sound that hooks the listener from the first moment. Ohno’s vocals during the first verse show power and control, moving with the music perfectly. The chorus stands out as Ohno shows off a little more vocally and lets the words really come from inside him. Song for me is a fantastic song that the listener can’t help but enjoy.

Aiba’s solo song, Friendship, is the second solo. The song begins with a very pretty instrumental before going into the first verse. His vocals sound very comfortable here and capture the overall atmosphere of the song very well. The chorus is nice but nothing particularly noteworthy except the chorus continues to be pretty. On the third verse, he shows off his vocals strongly and makes the listener take notice.

虹 is Nino’s solo song. Opening this song is a very touching piano instrumental. His vocals sound very pretty and move with the music very strongly. He shows off even more vocal ability on the chorus as the emotions come through more strongly and hits the listener nicely. The acapella ending is wonderful and brings the song to a wonderful close. This solo song is certainly one to look out for.

Can’t Let You Go comes as Sakurai’s solo song. He delivers a great solo song here as he shows off some nice vocals and gives out some nice rap sequences. The jazzy influences that run throughout the song really hook the listener and make it stand out very strongly. It’s certainly one of the strongest solos and one of the most memorable ones.


Yabai-Yabai-Yabai closes the album as Matsumoto’s solo song. The opening of the song is a bit weird but in a really fun way. That energy and happy atmosphere persists throughout the song and makes the listener just smile. It’s a great way to close the second disc and is another great solo song.

Album Ranking: B –

Arashi’s 7th studio album is a collection of hits and misses. While the boys shine on tracks such as ROCK YOU,太陽の世界,  Everybody 前進 and Cry for you, there are certainly bland songs like 風, LIFE and Carry on. Some songs could’ve been stronger had little changes been made to them but aren’t necessarily bad ones. The second disc of solo songs is great and certainly shows what each boy can do on their own. Overall not a particularly engaging album but it has it’s strong numbers.


4 Responses to "Arashi – Time [7th Studio Album]"

lol I’m surprised that you don’t enjoy Time as much as I do , Kevin .

I guess we have own preferences but I can tell you I love Time a lot alongside with their 6th album ARASHIC .

I personally think that ARASHIC & Time are the guys’s strongest music efforts to me that’s .

If you have the time , give One & Iza , Now a try too .

Time definitely isn’t their STRONGEST album, their older stuff is definitely more solid.

But Time is definitely their strongest most recent album. I really don’t agree with this review. O:

I dunno. It had some nice songs on it but overall ust not very memorable for me. I’m glad you liked it though…

Dream”A”live was MUCH better for me

Kaori’s right . Their non singles from their older discography are stronger like the tunes that’s found in Iza Now , One & ARASHIC .

Then again compared to Time & Dream”A”live , Time’s better imo

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