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Arashi – ARASHIC [6th Studio Album]

Posted on: July 25, 2008

Arashi’s 6th studio album, entitled ARASHIC, was released on 07.05.06. Two singles were released prior to the album: WISH and きっと大丈夫.

WISH opens up the album on a sweet and enjoyable note. The song opens up with the chorus and the boys vocals sound great here, holding that poppiness that matches the instrumentation perfectly. After a little instrumental section, the first verse starts and the vocals continue to prove strong. The pure instrumental section really spotlights the uplifting and happy feeling that the song communicates to the listener. Following is the chorus, sung with an emphasis on the vocals rather than the music, which becomes softer. WISH is a great way to start off the album and gets the listener in a good mood.

The second song is ランナウェイ・トレイン. The song starts off with a really cool and edgy instrumental and a smooth transition is made to the first verse. The boys sing somewhat deeply in order to keep with the song’s atmosphere. The chorus stands out as the guys begin to show off more vocal power and the ending line “1, 2, 3, Lights Up!” leaves a good impression on the listener and keeps the interest level up. The rap section is a great addition to the song and works with the song’s feel and of course the guitar that comes in during the following pure instrumental section really stands out. The song is another enjoyable one from the group and certainly one to be remembered.

Raise Your Hands is the next song. Immediately, the listener becomes interested as the cool and slick instrumental leads into the boys repeatedly singing “Raise your hands” with enjoyable vocals. The first verse then begins and there is something almost relaxing about the music that a comforting feeling comes through. The chorus features the same “raise your hands” with a Japanese lyric following and it really does stand out from the song strongly and is insanely catchy. The rap sequence is a perfect fit here and leads the listener back into the chorus as the instrumentation remains addictive. Raise Your Hands is an excellent song that really stands out from this album and is one of the best album offerings.

きっと大丈夫 appears as the album’s fourth song. Beginning this song is the first verse, a rap sequence that interests the listener as there is a certain dark element with the music that fits perfectly with the voice. The chorus picks up the energy very nicely as the boys’ voices really capture the enjoyable and fun atmosphere perfectly. The pure instrumental section has some jazzy elements that really stick out in the listener’s mind and provide an interesting vocal break. Another enjoyable song on the album appears and keeps the listener interested.

Ohno takes the lead on the following on his “pick-up song,” Ready To Fly. A cool and funky feeling comes out to open up the song and then the chorus starts. The English that starts off the song really makes the chorus stand out strongly. Soon, things slow down a little bit as the vocals smoothly blend with the music to make a cohesive and strong atmosphere. The pure instrumental section really spotlights the jazziness of the song as the saxophone comes through and takes the listener’s ear on a journey before the chorus starts again. Ready To Fly is a great album track and offers the listener a lot to hold onto.

キャラメル・ソング is Nino’s “pick-up song” and the next track on the album. The song starts off with a very sweet instrumental and the flute is a very nice touch. The first verse then begins and the vocals smoothly capture the essence of the lyrics. With the chorus, there is such a sweetness that stands out that the listener can’t help but love it. The vocals are strong and show strength as well. The pure instrumenal section sounds wonderful and keeps the listener’s spirits up before the chorus comes in. It’s a very sweet song that is able to resonate with the listener nicely.

COOL & SOUL is up next and the boys try their hand at rapping on this one. The song starts off with a very cool instrumental that leaves the listener wanting more. The chorus that features the boys singing “Arashi is cool” and “Arashi is soul” is actually stronger than it sounds. The following rap sequence from the boys sounds strong and each member does a good job of bringing out the song. The moments of pure instrumentation have a certain atmosphere to them that really catches the listener’s ear strongly. The closing line “Arashi is back” stands out very nicely and leaves the listener craving to hear more. COOL & SOUL is a fantastic number and definitely one to check out.

Following is the album’s first real ballad, 旅立ちの朝. The beginning instrumentation is smooth and leads the listener into the first verse nicely. The vocals are smooth and capture emotion very well. The chorus features more vocal strength from the boys and they sound great and the last line “stay with me” is absolutely perfect. The boys bring emotion and vocal strength to this very pretty ballad, making it stand out on ARASHIC very nicely.

Matsumoto steps in for his “pick-up song,” I Want Somebody. The song begins with an instrumentation that captures the listener’s attention from the first moment and the first verse then begins and the vocals are so smooth and enjoyable that the listener is hooked. The almost-talking-like way that the vocals continue really compliment the music well. The chorus stands out as the guitar comes more forward and helps the vocals show more emotion. The notes are held very well and the last word is a perfect example of that. I Want Somebody has a certain darkness to it that stands out and keeps the listener interested from start to finish.

Secret Eyes is Aiba’s pick-up song. The song begins with a nice instrumental and then the next vocals are kind of high pitched so they seem a little weird. Then things go nicer as the vocals show more strength and move with the music very well. The chorus is nice although the vocals aren’t as capturing as they should be. It’s actually a nice song although it feels a little slow at points.

Sakurai’s pick-up song comes in with 超 ありがとう. The song starts off with a cool and interesting instrumental and the repeated phrase sounds kind of cheesy. That feeling disappears once the first verse comes in although the vocals are still not particularly strong. The cheesiness comes back in with the chorus and it definitely doesn’t catch the listener’s ear as well as hoped. The song isn’t very interesting and is really the first weak song thus far.

CARNIVAL NIGHT part 2 is the following track. The mellow and interesting instrumentation that opens the song really leads the listener into another world. The chorus then stands out as the boys’ vocals sound great together and go with the music strongly. Vocals continue to stand strong on the first verse as they smoothly sing their way through the song. The pure instrumental section puts a nice emphasis on the song’s jazzy quality and really stands out to the listener. CARNIVAL NIGHT part 2 is an excellent number and picks the listener back up from the last track.

Silver Ring is the album’s semifinale and final ballad. After a very enjoyable pure instrumental sequence, the first starts and the vocals are so strong in that they capture the emotional presence of the song very well. The chorus sounds great as the boys harmonize very well together and the emotions are clear from their voices. The pure instrumental section gives the listener a little more oomph as the music is a little more varied and is more addictive. It’s definitely a nice way to lower the mood and the boys do very nicely on it.

The bonus track of the album is LOVE PARADE. Jazz sounds open up the song very nicely and keeps the listener hooked until the first verse starts. The vocals are smooth and really go with the song’s atmosphere. The boys bring even more vocal strength on the chorus, which stands out very nicely. Overall LOVE PARADE is a nice way to close the album as an enjoyable jazzy number that the listener can’t help but love.

Album Ranking: A

ARASHIC is a collection of great songs that really stand out to the listener. The album is filled with jazz sounds from LOVE PARADE to CARNIVAL NIGHT part 2 to Ready To Fly. All the pick-up songs give the boys a chance to stand out from the group and some are particular album highlights such as Ready To Fly (Ohno) and キャラメル・ソング (Nino). Of course there are a few weak songs such as 超 ありがとう and Secret Eyes and although the jazz sounds are nice, they do appear quite frequently a little more variety could’ve helped just a little bit. Overall though, it’s a great album and the boys should be proud.


5 Responses to "Arashi – ARASHIC [6th Studio Album]"

YAY this review’s pretty good & does justice to how ARASHIC sounds . This’s really 1 of my fave albums coming from them & I Want Somebody’s ❤

Yep, this album struck me in the right way!!! I think it’s much better than Time 🙂

even Teens magazine stated that ARASHIC’s awesome when they reviewed Dream”A”live so yup .

Next ones for you to try’s One and Iza , Now . Kaori said that Iza , Now is their best album to date & I say she’s right .

Just go & check them out , you know what I mean .

Ok, I’ll be sure to check them out!! Which one will I go for first…that’s the surprise XD

This album is good though so I hope the other albums are good too.


well One only contains well 1 single while Ize , Now has 2 singles in which 1 of them’s a double A side .

take your pick which album you want to go 1st . For me I was skeptical to try One but I’m surprised that I enjoyed the album & the non singles are quite something

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