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NEWS – 星をめざして [6th Single]

Posted on: July 27, 2008

NEWS’ 6th single, entitled 星をめざして, was released on 03.21.07. It’s the group’s first single following their suspension and the title was used as the theme song for the Japanese release of the film Happy Feet, which features member Tegoshi Yuya starring as the main character.

星をめざして is a hopeful song filled with spirit and energy. The piano opens up the song as sweet instrumentation and moves into the first verse. The boys’ vocals sound very strong here as they move with the music perfectly and the listener gets a sense of the emotions the boys emote. It’s the chorus that helps the energy come up as there is a more poppish sound as the boys display their happiness. The instrumentation evokes a sense of hope and is certainly something not to miss. The third verse sounds fantastic as the boys continue to give strong vocals with a beautiful instrumental. Closing the song is the same sweet instrumentation, which offers the listener a smooth way out. It’s hopeful, upbeat and realy reflectiive of the emotions the boys went through so it’s definitely worth a listen.

Up next is Boom! Boom! POWER. There is a very cool and almost mysterious vibe that starts off the song and once the guitar comes in, the listener becomes fully engaged in the song. Shige sounds great singing the English and it’s a nice way to start off the song’s vocals. RIght before the chorus, the instrumentation changes momentarily and lets Massu have his chance to shine. The chorus has a certain catchiness and poppiness that the listener can enjoy as the boys give good vocals that fit with the music. The pure instrumental section allows that sleekness to be put to the forefront before the third verse comes in. Fantastic instrumentation brings the song to a close, making the song enjoyable from start to finish.

Best Friend is a sweet song about friendship that really shows the true bonds between these boys. A sweet atmosphere comes in the moment the music starts as an enjoyable midtempo sound. The vocals during the first verse sound great as the boys smoothly sing their way through. The chorus stands out, particularly for the phrase “you are my best friend,” which opens it. Both Ryo and Massu hit their more powerful notes with strength. Best Friend is a great number that reflects the boys strongly and certainly is one to look out for.

Single Ranking: A –

This single is a strong one, consisting of the hopeful and upbeat title track, the cool and edgy Boom! Boom! POWER and the sweet number, Best Friend. The boys really brought out their A-game for this single and it came through.


1 Response to "NEWS – 星をめざして [6th Single]"

I found the lack of a climax on Hoshi wo Mezashite slightly disappointing. Perhaps it’s because they can’t reach any higher, but the way the song is feels as if something is missing. =/

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