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Amuro Namie – ALARM [24th Single]

Posted on: August 1, 2008

Amuro Namie’s 24th single, entitled ALARM, was released on 03.17.04. ALARM was used as the Mandom Lucido-L Prism Magic Hair Colour CM song.

ALARM delivers attitude and sass that only Namie can bring. After a cool instrumental, the hook comes in and Namie’s vocals go perfectly with the music. The English phrases such as “voltage” and “hot way” really stand out and the “words up” leads into the first verse nicely. The chorus is a standout part of the song partcularly for the repeating phrase of each line such as “kick me harder, kick my booty.” The song ends with a good instrumental, leaving the listener wanting more still.

Strobe is a sexy song that Namie brings to life. The song starts off with an addictive R&B instrumental that makes the listener take notice. Namie smoothly sings the lyrics during the first verse and her vocals actually let the sensual atmosphere of the song come to the forefront. The English lyrics such as “slowly boy you take my clothes off and make love to me” pop nicely and the little pure instrumental section introduces the chorus with a bang. The chorus features stronger vocals and Namie holds her notes strongly, going into the second part of the chorus, which features a lighter sound. Her vocals are smooth and the vocalizing works strongly and they support Namie’s sings in all English. For the third verse, Namie repeats in English “cross it, turn it” and it’s a very nice part of the song. Strobe is a wonderful song and definitely one of Namie’s best B-sides, if not the best.

Single Ranking: A +

Namie’s 24th single is a strong combination of ALARM, a song with true attitude and coolness as well as the sexy and fun, Strobe.


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