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Amuro Namie – GIRL TALK / the SPEED STAR [26th Single]

Posted on: August 1, 2008

Amuro Namie’s 26th single, entitled GIRL TALK / the SPEED STAR, was released on 10.14.04. GIRL TALK was used as the the Lucido-L CM song.

GIRL TALK, a relaxing pop track, serves as the first A-side. A sweet and cute instrumental opens up the song and then the chorus begins. Namie sings smoothly through the verse and English phrases such as “girls just wanna have fun” really pop nicely. The third verse is the best verse, particularly for the final note which she holds very strongly. The adlibbing is also a nice touch and certainly a fun part of the song. GIRL TALK is a very nice pop song with a relaxing atmosphere that the listener can enjoy.

While GIRL TALK is a more sweet pop song, the SPEED STAR shows off an aggressive dance instrumentation that Namie brings to life. The fun and energetic instrumental starts off the song before the first verse begins. Namie’s vocals are strong and keep with the music perfectly, delivering attitude and sass that only she can bring, particularly seen with “say adios.” The chorus allows Namie to bring a little more vocal strength and the instrumentation really focuses on the beat. After the set of the second verse and chorus, the hook comes in with a more hushed voice. It’s very catchy and the final phrase “who is the speed star” really makes for a nice finish. The song then finishes with the hook, leaving the listener wanting more after it finishes.

In order to promote the single, two PVs were made, one for each song. Both PVs are pretty simple and feature some great choreography from Namie, particularly for the SPEED STAR. The choreography for each video definitely matches the atmosphere of the song and serves as a great fit for the respective song.

Single Ranking: A

Namie’s 26th single is a double A-side single, consisting of the sweet pop song GIRL TALK and the aggressive dance song the SPEED STAR. The two songs compliment each other well and provide the listener with two different sounds to enjoy.


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