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Amuro Namie – WANT ME, WANT ME [27th Single]

Posted on: August 1, 2008

Amuro Namie’s 27th single, entitled WANT ME, WANT ME, was released on 04.06.05. The CD only featured the B-side, Handle Me and the instrumentals. The song was criticized for its sexually provocative lyrics and was even banned in Korea.

Namie brings the sexiness for WANT ME, WANT ME. The opening instrumentation features the looming sitar that immediately catches the listener’s ear and then the chorus begins. With phrases like “like a virgin” and “trojan,” Namie gives great vocals to really bring the dirtiness of the song. “Oh boy, you are so hot” starts off the first verse and definitely is a great way to start. Namie then whispers “I can do you, you can do me,” which really shows off the sexual energy of the song. The looming sitar as well as Namie’s vocals really help the sexual atmosphere here shine more and make the listener become addicted from start to finish.

Handle Me keeps up the tempo nicely as a fun pop song. Namie says “hit me” and soon the pop instrumental takes off, entrancing the listener from the first moment. For the first verse, Namie gives some nice vocals that carry with the music perfectly and the phrase “666” really stands out to the listener. Namie then gives even more powerful vocals to catch the listener’s ear during the chorus. “Easy come, easy go” then begins the second verse and without the music, Namie’s voice really stands out. The third verse features a slightly different instrumentation, with the focus on the piano and sounds absolutely great. Handle Me is a great pop song and is definitely one from Namie to look out for.

In order to promote the single, a PV for WANT ME, WANT ME was made. The video features Namie and her dancers doing some sexual dance routines. The whole sexual atmosphere of the song comes to life in this video and it’s definitely a perfect match. Any Namie fan would absolutely love this video.

Single Ranking: A +

WANT ME, WANT ME is one of Namie’s most addictive songs and she fully brings the sexual atmosphere that makes the listener take notice. Handle Me is another great B-side from Namie and has an undescribable element that makes it stand out. Truly it’s another great single and both songs are not to be missed.


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