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Leah Dizon – 恋しよう♪ [2nd Single]

Posted on: August 2, 2008

Leah Dizon’s 2nd single, entitled 恋しよう♪, was released on 05.30.07. The title track was used as the Lotte’s Chocolate Fruits Chocolate CM song and the CM. Could you be that one? was used as the Ninja Gaiden game CM song.

恋しよう♪ is a fun pop song that Leah brings to life. The song begins with Leah singing a line of the chorus and the first phrase “baby please, fall in love” sounds great. The pop instrumentation really catches the listener’s ear and transitions into the first verse nicely. Leah’s vocals are a bit deep here and she delivers her lyrics with a real energy that stands out. The chorus comes in full force and is addictive, particularly the English phrases. There is a certain coolness that comes out on the moment of pure instrumentation before the third verse comes, as Leah deilvers some great vocals, hitting the higher notes strongly. The song ends on a strong note as Leah sings a couple lines, taking the listener out nicely. This song is a great A-side and features an addictive pop sound that hooks the listener.

Could you be that one? serves as the single’s first B-side. Opening the song is an interesting and ear-catching instrumental that then smooths and moves into the first verse. Leah’s vocals sound very nice and have control and a little power to make them stand out. The chorus stands out as Leah emphasizes the first phrase of each line such as when she sings the title of the song. The guitar supports Leah’s vocals very well and help the song’s atmosphere be known. The third verse features a slightly different instrumental and Leah continues to give out more strong vocals. Could you be that one? is a wonderful pop song that really stands out on this single.

アイシテル ~Love Story~ is a great dance song that Leah sounds strong on. The song starts off with a cool dance beat and very quickly, the first verse begins. Leah delivers with attitude as her vocals really capture the atmosphere of the song. The hook stands out paritcularly when Leah sings “story” and other English phrases such as “any place, anytime” and then there is a very smooth transition into the chorus. Leah’s vocals are a little stronger here and the English phrases such as “no tragedy, just fantasy” and “make me feel this way” pop very strongly. The third verse is a nice breakdown as Leah sings in all English and with very strong vocals. Then the pure instrumental section comes in and stands out to the listener.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 恋しよう♪ was made. The video definitely matches the atmosphere of the song very well. The video features scenes of Leah and her friends having fun and taking some pictures and a fun party setting in which leah performs some cool dance routines. Leah does a great job of portraying the song’s feeling into this video.

Single Ranking: A +

Leah Dizon’s 2nd single is fantastic, featuring the fun and cute atmosphere of the title track as well as the sweet pop song, Could you be that one? and the sleek dance song, アイシテル ~Love Story.~ All the songs do a great job of bringing out Leah’s true sound.


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