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Leah Dizon – L·O·V·E U [3rd Single]

Posted on: August 2, 2008

Leah Dizon’s 3rd single, entitled L·O·V·E U, was released on 08.08.07. The title track was used as the Shueisha magazine PINKY CM song.

L·O·V·E U is a fun pop song that makes the listener smile. The song starts off with a very sweet instrumental with Leah singing in English in the background. She brings the cuteness on the first verse as she hits her notes nicely and her voice moves with the music very well. The chorus stands out, particularly for the English phrases and then the Japanese phrases sung with more power. That cuteness and fun atmosphere really are spotlighted on the pure instrumental section, which carries the listener away. This song is a wonderful pop number that catches the listener’s ear and remains addictive throughout the whole song.

Brand New Day, an acoustic upbeat number, appears as the B-side. The song begins with a nice acoustic-guitar-driven instrumental that begins slow and then picks up as Leah sings “crazy” repeatedly. Soon the first verse begins and the vocals are very nice and smooth, helping the listener follow. The chorus stands out as each line begins with Leah repeating a word and the use of frequent English makes the Japanese lines stand out. She then finishes by singing “it’s a brand new day,” before there is a transition into pure instrumentation. The pure instrumentation sequence features Leah speaking in English in the background, which reflects the hopeful atmosphere of the song. Brand New Day is an enjoyable upbeat number, driven by the guitar, which stands out.

In order to promote the single, a PV for L·O·V·E U was made. The video starts off with Leah running into school, late, for a test. Instead of answering the questions, she draws hearts and writes “honey” and “miss you” on her paper. After the teacher sees the kitten she drew, the teacher then tells her to pay attention to her test. There are then various dance sequences such as a routine performed in pink cheerleader outfits and one performed in more casual clothes. The video then ends with the whole video being a dream as Leah wakes up and realizes she hasn’t written anything on her test. She then crumbles up the paper and puts it in her bag. The video definitely captures the song’s atmosphere well and makes for an enjoyable watch while listening to the song.

Single Ranking: A –

Leah Dizon continues to stand strongly on her third single. L·O·V·E U is a fun pop song that holds that cuteness that just makes the listener smile while Brand New Day keeps the upbeat tempo while taking a more acoustic sound. Overall the single is enjoyable and worth checking out.


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