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Amuro Namie – Baby Don’t Cry [30th Single]

Posted on: August 6, 2008

Amuro Namie’s 30th single, entitled Baby Don’t Cry, was released on 01.24.07. Considered a comeback single of sorts, the single outsold many of her previous ones and roughly sold 145,000. The title track was used as the theme song for the dorama Himitsu no Hanazano. The B-side, Nobody, shares the same melody as previous single White Light and was originally planned to be released on that single.

The sweet midtempo number, Baby Don’t Cry, serves as the single’s title track. The song starts off with a very comforting instrumental and then the first verse begins. Namie’s vocals sound very smooth pretty here and go with the music perfectly and English phrases such as “T-shirts” and “three years” stand out. The vocal strength really comes out on the chorus, which really stands out to the listener. The section that stands out the most is the third verse and Namie brings vocal strength and the instrumentation really shines. The song then finishes with Namie repeating “baby don’t cry” with the instrumentation supporting her voice. This song is a great example of what Namie can do when the tempo slows down a bit.

Nobody, which shares the same melody as White Light, takes on a lighter and more sorrowful sound. The song opens up with the same instrumentation although it doesn’t have as much of a wintery feel as White Light. Namie sings smoothly on the first verse, capturing the song’s atmosphere. The chorus then arrives and the English lines really shine, particularly “I gotta say to you bye-bye” and the final two lines pop strongly as well. Overall it’s another great song and one to check out.  

In order to promote the single, a PV for Baby Don’t Cry was made. Although the video is simple, it’s definitely an enjoyable one. Namie is seen walking through a city and then through a park as she sings the song. The ending shows her standing with a beautiful view in the background. Not much goes on in the video but it’s just a nice chance to see a strong visual representation of the song.

Single Ranking: A

Namie continues to bring strength on this single while taking things down a bit for the title track. Nobody is also a nice B-side, showing a different side of the melody that previously brought a great Christmas song. It’s an enjoyable single and has a sweeter and slower sound for Namie.


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