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Amuro Namie – White Light / Violet Sauce [28th Single]

Posted on: August 6, 2008

Amuro Namie’s 28th single, entitled White Light / Violet Sauce, was released on 11.26.05. White Light was used as the Dwango CM song while Violet Sauce was used as the theme song for the Japanese release of the movie Sin City.

White Light is a sweet Christmas song that touches the listener’s heart. The song starts off with a very clear beat before the sweet wintery music comes in with some Namie speaking. Then the first verse starts and Namie’s vocals are smooth, moving with the music perfectly. The chorus really stands with beautiful vocals that also show strength and the final line really pops as she sings “I’ll never leave your side, I promise under the white light.” The third verse really shines as there is a real softness in her voice and the following the first two lines of the chorus follow suit. Namie then sweetly sings the last line of the chorus and then pure instrumentation brings the song to a great close. White Light is a fantastic song worth listening to repeatedly.

Violet Sauce is a hot dance track that is extremely addictive. The song begins with a cool and sleek instrumental that then begins to introduce other instruments as Namie says “you know what, who is hot, collaboration.” A line from the chorus, “dip in the sauce,” repeats and then the first verse starts. Namie brings smooth and sleek vocals to match the instrumentation. The chorus comes full force with the repeating “dip in the sauce” really standing out to the listener. The third verse shines the most as Namie brings some fantastic vocals, particularly when she sings “come with me.” Ending the song is another addictive sequence with a more hushed instrumental and a sly softness to Namie’s vocals as the English phrases such as “mind control” and “toys” pop. Violet Sauce is an amazing song, one of the best songs in her entire discography.

In order to promote the single, a PV for White Light was made. The video is very sweet, matching the atmosphere of the song. Scenes from the video include Namie sitting on the top of a building in a beautiful coat with a sweet hood, Namie walking along town and Namie sitting in her room.

Single Ranking: A +

Namie has done a fantastic job on this single, bringing consistent fire. White Light is a very sweet Christmas song that the listener can just smoothly ssail through from start to finish while Violet Sauce picks up the tempo for a hot dance sound. Both songs are amazing and need to be listened to immediately.


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