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Amuro Namie – FUNKY TOWN [31st Single]

Posted on: August 7, 2008

Amuro Namie’s 31st single, entitled FUNKY TOWN, was released on 04.04.07. The title track was used as the Lipton’ Limone CM song.

FUNKY TOWN is a cool dance song that serves as a great title track. The fun atmosphere comes through the opening instrumentation and then the addictive chorus comes in. Her vocals sound great here and the phrase “funky town” is what really catches the listener’s ear. During the first verse, she continues that coolness and the music keeps up with her strongly. The cartoon noises during the second verse are a real nice touch and bring out that light-hearted energy of the music. For the third verse, Namie breaks down things nicely with a softer sound and then the hook comes once again to pick things up. On the final chorus, she shows off vocal strength in order to bring the song to a close. FUNKY TOWN is a great dance song worth checking out.

The B-side, DARLING, takes on the sexier sound. She repeatedly sings “want me baby” before the beat and instrumentation comes in. The first verse comes in and Namie delivers smooth vocals that capture the song’s sexual atmosphere and the English phrases pop nicely. It’s the chorus that really stands out as Namie gives more vocal strength and the title of the song really stands out. DARLING does a great job of complimenting FUNKY TOWN by bringing out Namie’s sexy side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for FUNKY TOWN was made. In the video, Namie does some dance sequences that match the song’s atmosphere perfectly. There is also a scene of Namie singing with a background of Namie’s face. It’s actually a very nice video, although a little simple.

Single Ranking: A

After two slower songs on her last single, Namie brings two upbeat tracks. FUNKY TOWN is a fun dance song that catches the listener’s ear while DARLING takes on the sexy sound perfectly. Overall, this is a great single and a great way to segue into PLAY.


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