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Perfume – ポリリズム [10th Single]

Posted on: August 20, 2008

Perfume’s 10th single, entitled ポリリズム, was released on 09.12.07. The title track was used as the NHK Kankyou Recycle Campaign song.

ポリリズム is a fun song that really captures the listener. Opening the song is an addictive electropop instrumentation with the girls’ voices complimenting it perfectly on the first verse. There is a real sweetness that comes through the vocals and an out-of-this-world feeeling created by the music that combine to take the listener off and create an addiction. The chorus stands out as the instrumentation becomes a little more aggressive and the girls’ vocals carry more of an edginess to them. Overall, this is a great song that is very catchy and the girls sound great on it.

The B-side is SEVENTH HEAVEN. The song takes off with the piano, making a way for the girls to come in as they sing with vocal distortion over the simple music. Soon the electropop influences come into the music and further compliments the girls. There is a soft cuteness to the first verse as the girls sound somewhat soft here, maintaining the song’s atmosphere strongly. This is a nice compliment to the A-side although it is a little forgettable.

In order to promote the single, a PV for ポリリズム was made. The video is pretty simple, driven by the color blue as there are various close-up shots of the girls. There is also a dance sequence which is nice. Overall though, the video is bit lacking and leaves the viewer wanting a little more.

Single Ranking: B +

Perfume definitely has a nice single here as the title track brings a sweet electropop sound to the forefront, capturing the listener strongly. The B-side is a bit lacking but it’s a nice listen. It’s not their strongest material but the single is comprised of two nice songs.


2 Responses to "Perfume – ポリリズム [10th Single]"

It’s kind of odd, this Perfume trio. I swore I hated their guts and robot voices at first, but over time it grew and stuck on me and refused to let go. D:

Now I love them to bits! All their songs are insanely addictive. Or maybe it’s just my need for some girl group to fill the void for Hinoi Team, and they seem to be the closest….

haha really?
I just went in to give them a try with Baby cruising love / Macaroni and the latter just got me hooked on first listen.
Now that is an addictive song!
But I’m glad they’ve stuck to you cause I think they’re awesome 🙂

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