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ayaka – Jewelry day [5th Single]

Posted on: August 25, 2008

ayaka’s 5th single, entitled Jewelry day, was released on 07.04.07. The title track was used as the ending theme for the Japanese movie Last Love.

Jewelry day is a very sweet ballad with beautiful vocals from ayaka. There is a very pretty and intimate instrumental opening that immediately takes the listener’s ear before the first verse begins. She sings “broken, broken my heart” and continues with beautiful vocals that support the simplicity of the music perfectly. During the chorus, ayaka sings with such emotion and the lyrics really come to life. There is a magical feeling that comes through the song’s closing instrumental section, supported only by a few vocalizations from ayaka. Jewelry day is an excellent song, definitely one of ayaka’s best.

The B-side of the single is I’m alone. The tempo sligtly picks up on this one as the guitar serves as another central instrument. On the first verse, ayaka sounds great as there is a certain naturalness to her voice that matches the song’s atmosphere. She brings some great vocals on the chorus as she hits the higher notes with ease. During the pure instrumental section, the music shines and the chorus is re-introduced strongly. I’m alone nicely picks up the tempo to make it a good compliment to Jewelry day.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Jewelry day was made. The video is very simple but there lies its perfection. Scenes include ayaka singing on a stage without anyone in the audience, her at the beach and ayaka riding the bus.

Single Ranking: A

Both Jewelry day and I’m alone make this an enjoyable single. By taking the more simple approach, ayaka’s vocals communicate a naturalness that the listener can enjoy.


2 Responses to "ayaka – Jewelry day [5th Single]"


Radiant Dawn reviewed this single on the exact same day as you did. xD

Anyways, I said that Jewelry day is an awesome song, but it does get pretty bland after a while (Like 50 ish plays). Doesn’t that happen for you?

wow, that’s a coincidence!!
Hmm, I love Jewelry day but it’s not exactly a song I have on repeat so I guess I don’t play it enough for it to really get bland to me lol

Although I do see where you’re coming from and understand how someone could think it’s bland. Personally, as pretty as the ending part is, it should have been cut down a little so it would end earlier.

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