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ayaka – I Believe [Debut Single]

Posted on: September 23, 2008

ayaka’s debut single, entitled I Believe, was released on 02.01.06. The title track was used as the theme song for the TBS dorama Rondo.

I Believe is a gorgeous ballad. The song starts off with a very pretty instrumental that evokes emotions within the listener as the piano builds the anticipation for ayaka to come in singing. She does so on the first verse and her vocals are so smooth here and carrying such emotion, the listener falls in love. On the chorus, she shows off a little more vocally as she reaches higher on certain notes and her pronounciation of “I believe myself” is absolutely perfect. The pure instrumetnal section sounds very grandiose, drawing on the emotional qualities of the song so beautifully and once ayaka comes in again, the listener is yet again entranced by the power of her vocals. I Believe is a wonderful ballad that ayaka brings to life with vocals that portray emotion and power.

夢のカケラ is the single’s B-side, taking on an acoustic sound. After the sorrowful tone of the last song, this song takes on a more uplifting feeling that the listener can enjoy from start to finish. ayaka’s vocals in this one are as strong as ever, which makes this another enjoyable song and a nice compliment to the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for I Believe was made. The video is very simple and keeping with the atmosphere of the song, the video features ayaka wandering in the dark outside. She looks very pretty here as the setting, which makes for a visually enjoyable video.

Single Ranking: A

ayaka definitely made a strong debut as I Believe is a fantastic song, fit with an emotional atmosphere and powerful vocals to really catch the listener’s ear. The B-side is another good song that shows another side of ayaka, which makes this single very complete.


2 Responses to "ayaka – I Believe [Debut Single]"

this was the song that started it all in me liking ayaka since her debut , a fantastic one/classic from her big time

I think it’s a really pretty song and going through each of her singles, so far I have yet to be disappointed from the First Message era so I guess we’ll see if she can keep it up 🙂

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