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ayaka – Melody ~Sounds Real~ [2nd Single]

Posted on: September 24, 2008

ayaka’s 2nd single, entitled Melody ~Sounds Real,~ was released on 05.17.06. The B-side, ブルーデイズ, was used as an insert song for a Japanese dorama entitled Suppli. This single was limited, with only 50,000 copies.

Melody ~Sounds Real~ is an enjoyable upbeat song that evokes a happy feeling. The song begins with an upbeat instrumentation that actually takes on some country elements to make a very natural atmosphere that ayaka’s voice supports perfectly. She sounds really nice on the first verse as there is that catchiness but it’s the chorus that really stands out as she sings “melody” with such an addictive quality that the listener is engaged. Her vocals here are also a little bit stronger so they stand out in the listener’s mind more. On the pure instrumental section, the guitar is nicely spotlighted and it even takes on some slight rock influences to really make this section stand out. Overall, this is an excellent song that definitely is a memorable song

Things slow down a bit for the single’s B-side, ブルーデイズ. Opening the song is a nice acoustic instrumental that evokes a very relaxing feeling for the listener. Following is the first verse and ayaka’s vocals here are pretty soft, capturing that natural essence of the song. The chorus nicely stands out as she reaches a little higher on some notes and delivers some notes with more power. This song is a very nice number and ayaka does a good job of delivering vocals to support the music.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Melody ~Sounds Real~ was made. The video is pretty simple, featuring ayaka rocking out with her band as well as a scene of her wandering through some gorgeous field. Although there isn’t much going on, it’s that simplicity that works with the song to make it an enoyable watch.

Single Ranking: A

Following her debut single, ayaka continues to have strong songs. Melody ~Sounds Real~ shows that she can do upbeat songs while still showing off her vocals while the B-side allows for ayaka to slow down and take on more of an emotional atmosphere. Both songs make this a very good single, worthy of checking out.


6 Responses to "ayaka – Melody ~Sounds Real~ [2nd Single]"

I like all the songs on here & I’m glad that Blue Days made the cut in her First Message debut album

Melody ~Sounds Real~ is a really good song and I like Blue Days too so I don’t mind it being on the album. I think I have to listen to the album as a whole though to see how I feel about it…

ah you should listen to First Message , the non singles on there are fantastic

oh yeah, I actually bought the album on iTunes like a year ago but I switched iPods so I haven’t listened to it in like FOREVER. Although I remember that I absolutely loved 1,2,3,4. That was a friggin good song!!

omg yes is really good . 1 of my fave non singles on the album’s track 8 Kimi no Power to Otona no Furi (Your Power and an Adult’s Inseparability) . It’s so peppy just like Kimi ga Iru Kara (Because I Have You) in Sing to the Sky

I always hear a lot of love for Kimi ga Iru Kara but it’s not one of my favs…I don’t really remember any of the songs so I definitely will be going back to check them out 🙂

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