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ayaka – Real Voice [3rd Single]

Posted on: September 25, 2008

ayaka’s 3rd single, entitled Real Voice, was released on 07.19.06. The title track was used as the ending theme for the Japanese dorama suppli.

Real Voice is an insanely catchy upbeat number. The song begins with ayaka singing a line and there seems to be a slight distortion on her voice but there is such a catchiness in it that the listener is immediately drawn in. Following is a section of pure instrumentation which starts off a bit mellow but then grows into being more diverse and catchy with the first verse following. Her vocals during the first verse go perfectly with the music and the light rock sounds work really well here. On the chorus, it returns to that catchiness presented in the first line and it allows her to show off a little more vocally here. The third verse has a way of building up as each syllable is accentuated by ayaka’s voice, which keeps the attention focused strongly. Real Voice is another great A-side from ayaka and is the best of her first three singles.

ayaka is supported by the simplistic and beautiful sounds of the piano for the single’s B-side, Peace Loving People. Once again, there is a certain natural element about this song that allows ayaka’s vocals to come shining through. Her vocals are as strong as ever, keeping a certain upbeat and happy atmosphere that really translates in the listener’s ear. It’s a wonderful B-side and perfect compliment to the more poppy A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Real Voice was made. This video focuses nicely on close-up shots of ayaka and it’s a nice change of pace although it’s not a very interesting video and her hair style should been just let down. It’s not great but it’s worth a look every now and then.

Single Ranking: A +

Real Voice is an even better single than her first two singles. While the A-side is a very upbeat and catchy song, Peace Loving People is a very pretty softer song. Both songs have an addictiveness to them that the listener just falls in love with.


6 Responses to "ayaka – Real Voice [3rd Single]"

Another great ayaka single & it kinda suck that she didn’t include Peace Loving People in First Message seeing that that’s a song staple coming from her especially in her live performances

Im kinda glad she didn’t include it. It’s a great song but I’d rather have new songs than an album packed with older songs. Particularly B-sides because then it’s like what’s the point of buying the singles…but I always buy the singles too XD

LOL ok but I find it a bit disappointing that she didn’t include it in First Message considering that she tend to sing it live quite often during her concerts

yeah I wonder why she performs it so much. She even included a live version on the Jewelry day single…strange…

I guess it’s 1 of her personal fave songs ?

perhaps…I wonder if she has a new fav song. I always like to know the artists fav song on an album so I’m curious as to which one it is on Sing to the Sky. If she’s like me, it’s “Ai mo Uso mo Shinjitsu” or “Konya mo Hoshi Dakarete” [I totally spelled that wrong but whatever XD]

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