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ayaka – 三日月 [4th Single]

Posted on: October 1, 2008

ayaka’s 4th single, entitled 三日月, was released on 09.27.06. Originally this song was picked to be ayaka’s debut single but for unknown reasons, it was pushed back. The title track was used as a CM song for a chain of Japanese record stores and as a promotional song for @Human.

三日月 is a powerful ballad that touches the listener’s heart. The emotional atomsphere is established right from the opening instrumental and then ayaka comes in for the first verse. Her vocals here are wonderful, supporting the piano perfectly. On the chorus, the emotions seem to come even stronger as it almost feels like ayaka is tearing up while singing with such beauty, power and control. The third verse allows for a nice little change of pace as the music takes a new turn. This is a great ballad with wonderful vocals to enhance the song’s atmosphere.

君のキスで… is a fantastic uptempo number drawing on Spanish influences. The song starts off with a nice upbeat Spanish influenced instrumental that immediately catches the listener’s ear. Her vocals during the verse carry that certain smoothness that only ayaka can bring. The chorus allows ayaka to show off her powerful her voice can be and with the more aggressive instrumental, taking on some rocky sounds, it really stands out from the rest of the song.

In order to promote the single, two PVs for 三日月 was made. One was made before ayaka’s official debut, which features ayaka sitting in a boat and sitting and watching absolutely gorgeous scenery. The other PV made during the actual single promotion time features ayaka sitting on a lamp-post.

Single Ranking: A

As the final single before the release of First Message, 三日月 was a great single from start to finish. The A-side is a great ballad with the emotions in the forefront for the listener to enjoy. 君のキスで… takes on Spanish sounds and it’s different from other songs done by ayaka so it’s a nice new treat.


2 Responses to "ayaka – 三日月 [4th Single]"

This’s 1 of my fave ayaka ballads & to think she didn’t want to include this in First Message initally O_O . Honestly if not for this song , the sales of her debut album wouldn’t have been so high to begin with

yeah yeah, this single definitely pushed this album. I never knew she didn’t wanna include this song!! That’s surprising but I’m glad she did. Honestly, I think I prefer the B-side actually XD

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