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sifow – 夏花火 [5th Single]

Posted on: October 19, 2008

sifow’s 5th single, entitled 夏花火, was released on 07.25.07.

夏花火, a light dance number, serves as the single’s A-side. The song starts off with the chorus, an uptempo dance instrumental with sifow providing some great vocals to support it. The following section of pure instrumentation allows the listener to hear the traditional Japanese elements that make it so interesting. She stands just as strong on the verses as her vocals keep a sleekness that support the pretiness of the instrumentation. With a gorgeous instrumentation and great vocals from sifow, it’s no wonder that this song was chosen to be released.

Ai-Ai!!! is a fantastic dance number that really catches the listener’s ear. The song opens up with the chorus, which only features sifow singing “ai-ai” and “wow-wow-wow.” Her vocals really work with the dance feel of the instrumentation and soon we come into the first verse. There is a really cool atmosphere as sifow’s vocals are once again sleek and suit the almost sexual feeling of the song. One part that really stands out is the pure instrumental section when the music fades and then comes back strongly. This song is even stronger than the A-side and definitely makes the single fantastic from start to finish.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 夏花火 was made. The video features a very traditional look from the outfits to the people playing the instruments. As always, sifow looks absolutely gorgeous and the sheer pretiness of the video makes it a definite one to watch out for.

Single Ranking: A +

夏花火 and Ai-Ai!!! are both wonderful songs that really build this single to be strong from start to finish. The B-side is more aggressive in terms of its dance feel while the A-side takes on a pretty sound to support sifow. It’s definitely a single worth checking out.


2 Responses to "sifow – 夏花火 [5th Single]"

*high fives*
i definitely agree that this single should get an A+ ❤

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