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Get It On was released as a single downloadable only though mu-mo for a certain period of time during the era of BEST ~second sesssion.~ The song was shortened and served as the introductory track for that album under the name Introduction to the second session.

Get It On opens up with the hook, in which Kumi sings in all English and the sexy element comes out to play as she sings “tell me, tell me what you want cause I’m right here, ready to serve, whatever you need.” Then the hot Arabian instrumental comes crashing in, teasing and enticing the listener strongly. The verses are the strongest part of the song as Kumi’s smooth vocals wrap around the music and keep the sexiness strongly. English phrases such as “secret stuff” and “I’m your fantasy” pop nicely and allow the listener’s ear to pick up that coolness. The chorus is addictive as well as Kumi shows a little more vocal strength and the first line, “it’s time to get it on,” really stands out. With the final looming hooks, Kumi goes even higher as she vocalizes and it’s a great way to finish the song off.

Single Ranking: A +

Kumi has always had a knack for her Arabian songs and Get It On is no exception. Hopefully this song will have some sort of physical release in the future.


Suzuki Ami’s 15th single and debut single with avex, entitled Delightful, was released on 03.24.05.

Delightful is a great dance song that keeps the listener moving. The song starts off with an upbeat dance instrumental that immediately catches the listener’s ear and then the first verse begins. There is a dark atmosphere about the instrumentation and her vocals are a little deep here, staying with the music perfectly. Soon the instrumentation becomes a little more diverse and comes to a lighter climax on the chorus. English phrases such as “crazy my love” and “body shaking now” really make the chorus pop. Following the chorus is the pure instrumental section, which really demands attention and entrances the listener. Then we return back to the darker atmosphere of the verses.

The B-side is the sweet magical ballad, About You…The strongest part of the song is the magical atmosphere that the music exutes. On the chorus especially, her vocals show just what Ami can do and it fits very strongly with the music. About You… is a very nice compliment to Delightful to make this single enjoyable.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Delightful was made. The video is very enjoyable, featuring Ami in a red outfit and another scene in a yellow outfit as she dances with some backup dancers, dressed in all black. It looks like they are in a factory of some sort and it has that coolness that the song supports so it makes for a nice video.

Single Ranking: A

Delightful is certainly a delightful single. While the A-side has a fun dance atmosphere while channeling some dark elements, With You… features a magical sound that really resonates with the listener. It’s a great debut single on avex that shows what Ami can do.