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Ito Yuna – Endless Story [Debut Single]

Posted on: December 23, 2008


Ito Yuna’s debut single, entitled ENDLESS STORY, was released on 09.07.05. The title track was used in the movie, Nana, which Yuna starred in herself [thus the reason the single was released as Reira starring Ito Yuna].

ENDLESS STORY is a heart-touching ballad packed with emotions. The song begins with the piano, giving a very grandiose and powerful emotional atmosphere for the listener to sink into. Following is the first verse and Yuna’s vocals are very pretty here, portraying the emotions of her character very well. It’s also nice to have those English phrases such as “If you haven’t changed your mind” because they really pop around the rest of the Japanese lyrics. On the chorus, there is a more grand feeling as the instrumentation becomes more diverse and involved and Yuna’s vocals become stronger. The pure instrumental section is fantastic, allowing the guitars to really shine and open up another layer of emotions before the chorus returns.

Journey, a driving midtempo number, is the single’s B-side. An almost eerie instrumental opens up with the album before the song’s true beat comes in. When the music comes in full effect, it sounds a little cheesy and predictable but it’s nice to hear something upbeat from her. On the verses, Yuna’s vocals are enjoyable and go very nicely with the very natural atmosphere of the instrumental. It really evokes the feeling of taking a drive, which works with the whole theme of the song. The chorus isn’t as enjoyable since her vocals sound a little nasal so it comes off as awkward sounding. Unfortunately, this song doesn’t come even close to the level of the title track and it doesn’t really compliment ENDLESS STORY.

In order to promote the single, a PV for ENDLESS STORY was made. The video primarily features Yuna performing the song live but there are also scenes of Yuna looking absolutely gorgeous in front of a dreamy pink background. There are a few too many close-up shots but it’s a pretty enjoyable video.

Single Ranking: B +

ENDLESS STORY was a pretty good song to debut with since it shows Yuna’s ability to bring emotions to the listener’s ears. Journey wasn’t a very memorable song but on the other hand, it’s nice to hear something upbeat.


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