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Ito Yuna – Faith / Pureyes [2nd Single]

Posted on: December 24, 2008


Ito Yuna’s 2nd single, entitled Faith / Pureyes, was released on 03.01.06. While Faith was used as the ending theme for the dorama UNFAIR, Pureyes was used as a promotional song for BIOCLEN ZERO contact lenses.

Faith is the sorrowful love ballad. The song begins with a melancholy instrumental that strikes the listener’s heart right away. Then Yuna comes in and as she sings the first verse, the listener can really feel the emotion in her voice and it comes across as believable and real. On the chorus, she maintains her strong vocals and the instrumentation becomes more diverse. Somehow the instrumentation takes on an even prettier tone while still portraying the emotions so the listener really falls into its sound. Near the end, she does some great vocalizing that really catches the listener’s ear. Faith is a great song and it suits Yuna’s voice better than previous A-side, ENDLESS STORY.

Pureyes, the second B-side, is the upbeat A-side. The song opens up very quickly with Yuna speaking in English as she sings “What you gonna do? Touch me baby” and immediately, the listener becomes intrigued by this combination of sweetness and flirtation. After the chorus ends, the instrumentation becomes more fun and happy, which really goes perfectly with Yuna’s voice. On the verses, there is a nice relaxing feeling and Yuna continues to give sweet and alluring vocals that support the atmosphere of the song perfectly. That pure instrumental section is so addictive and fun that the listener can’t help but love it. Pureyes is an insanely catchy number and one of Yuna’s best efforts thus far so it’s definitely worth the listen.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Faith was made. In fitting with the sorrowful atmosphere of the song, the video features Yuna all alone without love. There are scenes of her dressed in dark clothing against a dark background as well as scenes of her all alone in the city. It’s a very good representation of the song and Yuna looks great.

Single Ranking: A

Faith / Pureyes is a huge stepup from Yuna’s first single since we get the opportunity to see two sides of her. Faith gives us the emotional Yuna who is so good at delivering the emotions for the listener while Pureyes gives us the fun and sweet Yuna with a hint of flirtation. Both songs make this one unforgettable song.


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