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Koda Kumi – Butterfly [Song + PV Review]

Posted on: December 24, 2008


Koda Kumi’s 16th single, entitled Butterfly, was released on 06.22.05. Used as the theme song for the dorama Kosume no Mahou 2, this single is considered to be Kumi’s breakthrough single and that which really propelled her into the spotlight.

Butterfly is an addictive dance pop number that shows Kumi’s playful side. The song begins with the chorus, which features some great vocals over a very catchy instrumental. The English phrases like “burning heart” and “butterfly” are nice because they really pop against all the Japanese lyrics. After that is a small instrumental section in which you can a voice in the background saying English phrases like “I wanna kiss you all over” and “your body” before the first verse begins. On the verses, there is a more relaxed feeling as Kuu’s vocals are deeper and crisper, matching the instrumentation. The hook is a good transition as Kuu’s vocals get more powerful and it sets up the listener for the chorus strongly. Tha pure instrumental section is great as we hear those phrases in the background along with some moans and giggling, which is perfect for Kuu’s playful side. It’s no wonder why Butterfly became a smash hit: it’s catchy, fun and has that Kuu magic on it.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Butterfly was made. The video features Kumi’s ero-kakkoi side and in a very strong way. It begins with Kumi boiling some tea before she goes to a bed to get her phone. She then goes to the mirror and puts on some lip gloss, transforming her into Butterfly Kumi (in a seperate scene). She also appears as a student and she dances with the other students during the chorus. There are also scenes of Kumi and two girls in a garage with soap bubbles and hoses as they spray each other. There’s a lot of great dancing and Kumi looks absolutely fantastic, which makes this one memorable video.

Song and PV Ranking: A +

Butterfly is a fantastic song and definitely one of Kumi’s most memorable to date. It features a great dance sound alongside a playfully sexy atmosphere that suits her perfectly. Her vocals are strong and the music is addictive so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t listen to it.


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