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Ito Yuna – Precious [3rd Single]

Posted on: December 25, 2008


Ito Yuna’s 3rd single, entitled Precious, was released on 05.03.06. The title track was used as the theme song for the movie Limit of Love: Umizaru.

Precious is a gorgeous love ballad. The song begins with the first verse and Yuna’s vocals are very soft and fragile here, which suit the very pretty instrumentation. What makes this song stand out is the chorus, in which Yuna belts out some powerful notes. There is a really grandiose and wonderful feeling here as Yuna hits her notes fantastically and allows the listener to feel the emotions of the song so strongly. The third verse features a slightly different instrumental and it works perfectly to re-introduce the chorus with a light and soft instrumental to put the focus on Yuna’s vocals. Precious is a great ballad and certainly one of Yuna’s most known songs for a reason. Her vocals are great and the emotions come pouring out on the chorus. It’s another strong song from Yuna worth checking out.

The first B-side is I’m Free. The song starts off with the first verse and immediately the listener picks up on the fun upbeat atmosphere of the song. She opens with “fly high to the sky with the wind,” which reflects a certain freeing atmosphere. Yuna manages to show off her vocal range here, reaching high on some notes and powerfully on others. The instrumentation during the verses is just so relaxing and addictive that the listener falls in love with it. The chorus feels just a little cheesy but it works with the overall atmosphere of the song so it doesn’t stand in the way, despite not being as strong as the verses. The pure instrumental section is nice because there is that jazzy element to it that gets to shine. I’m Free is a wonderful upbeat number that sounds great and compliments the A-side strongly.

Secrets is the second B-side of the single. Opening the song is an interesting and quirky poppish instrumental that tells a story. Then the first verse starts and her vocals are very smooth and pretty, complimenting the instrumentation perfectly. Once again, the chorus is a little cheesy but there’s something about it that is very loveable and that works with the overall atmosphere of the song. Although it’s not as strong as I’m Free, Secrets is an enjoyable song that has that cute element to it.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Precious was made. The video is gorgeous, featuring various scenes of Yuna in very pretty outfits. One scene features Yuna in a wedding dress surrounded by rose petals as she sits on the floor. Another scene features her in a field with an absolutely gorgeous view. This video is wonderful and is a strong visual representation of the beauty of the song.

Single Ranking: A –

Yuna continues with a string of good singles. Precious is a wonderful ballad with an emotional presence that stands out proudly. The two B-sides allow the listener to see the more upbeat side of Yuna. I’m Free is the stronger one with an addictive instrumental while Secrets is a cute number. Overall it’s a strong single that is worth checking out for any Yuna fan or one wanting to explore some of her sounds.


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