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Morning Musume – 女に 幸あれ [34th Single]

Posted on: January 2, 2009


Morning Musume’s 34th single, entitled 女に 幸あれ, was released on 06.25.07.

女に 幸あれ is an aggressive angry dance track. The song starts off with a hot upbeat dance instrumental that carries enough emotion in it to make the listener realize that there’s more than just an energetic beat. The first verse features Koharu and Ai and their vocals are very good here, managing to compliment the music perfectly and to portray the song’s emotions. The hook definitely stands out because of the repeating “baka ne” part and the newly strong instrumentation. On the chorus, there are strong vocals and the instrumentation remains interesting. The only thing is that it sounds so similar to the hook and a little change could have made it stand out more. Following the chorus is an absolutely addictive pure instrumental section which is perfect for a little dance break. The full pure instrumental section is probably the climax of the song since we get a new instrumental that makes the listener want to continue moving before the chorus is re-introduced. This is definitely a great song worth checking out since it shows the mature side of Morning Musume with emotions in it that make it stand out from their other songs.

This single’s B-side is Please! 自由の扉. Opening the song is a very interesting and laidback instrumental that soon grows into an upbeat and catchy sound. On the first hook, Ai takes the step and does a good job of providing strong vocals with conviction and ease. The verses are enjoyable as the girls divide up into pairs and compliment each other so well and although it may not be quite so noticeable, there is a note in each line that is slightly higher than the others and it really is grabbing. The chorus is nice even though it’s a little bland.

onsa2In order to promote the single, a PV for 女に 幸あれ was made. The video is more of a flashy and cool video, featuring the girls dressed up in fancy yellow showgirl costumes as they get some close-ups, stand (or sit) with their singing part and do some dancing. The thing that stands out about this video is that you get to see the girls mouth “baka ne” and their faces perfectly portray the emotions of the song (especially Reina). Even though it was kind of weird to see them mouth it they didn’t say it in the song, it’s still cool.

Single Ranking: A –

Morning Musume certainly did a good job on this single. The title track is emotion-filled dance track that will keep the listener moving. The B-side is pretty nice although a little predictable. Nonetheless, it’s another strong single release from these girls that is definitely worth checking out.


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