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Koda Kumi – Someday / Boys♥Girls [30th Single]

Posted on: January 26, 2009


Koda Kumi’s 30th single, entitled Someday / Boys♥Girls, was released on 02.22.06. The single comes as the last of the 12 Singles Collection and was one of three not liimted to 50,000 copies. Boys♥Girls was used as the theme for the 2006 movie, Waters.

Someday is a sweet and warming song that will have the listener smiling the whole way through. The song begins with the hook and insantly, the loving atmosphere comes to life. She holds her notes well and the vocals contribute to a certain pretiness. On the verses, Kumi continues to sound sweet, carrying the music along and keeping with the relaxing vibe that evokes the image of staying home with the person you love. The chorus picks up the poppy energy a little more, which in turn makes it stand out more. Initially, I didn’t care for Someday but once I took the time to appreciate its sweet nature and see Kumi perform it live, I warmed up to it a lot.

Boys♥Girls is definitely the more interesting A-side though, taking on a fun cool sound. The song starts off with the chorus and Kumi’s vocals are very smooth here, melting over the instrumentation to give off a very cool vibe. All the English words stand out and giv the chorus a sort of uniqueness. The verses are catchier and Kumi gets to show off her vocal talents more, as the instrumentation keeps the listener engaged. But if there is one section of the song that stands out the most, it’s the hook, which features a slight instrumental change to a higher and lighter register. The katkana words “dameeji” and “imeeji” go together nicely with the English phrases “no good” and “something better.” She then finishes with “tanoshimi” and we find ourselves right back at the chorus. Following the second hook is a little pure instrumental section that keeps that coolness while pushing a more fun feeling as Kumi does some vocalizing. This is a great song and it’s a shame it didn’t get a place on BEST ~second session.~

Single Ranking: A +

Both songs on this single are great and they truly compliment the other. While Someday is a sweet love song that gives you that warm feeling, Boys♥Girls will make you want to dance and just have a good time. It’s an excellent representation of two different sides of Kumi, which makes for a great finish to the project.


2 Responses to "Koda Kumi – Someday / Boys♥Girls [30th Single]"

I can’t even remember how Boys♥Girls sounds like now lmao , it’s just 1 of the worst singles that she has released imo .

it’s a good thing that she didn’t included it in BEST ~second session~ . Someday’s just ❤

ahaha, that’s what everyone says but I’m like noo!!
There is no love for Boys♥Girls or Sweet Kiss and I think both are amazing. It should have been you / Sweet Kiss and then both should have been included on BEST ~second session~ 😉

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