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Morning Musume – みかん [35th Single]

Posted on: January 31, 2009


Morning Musume’s 35th single, entitled みかん, was released on 11.21.07. The single represents the girls’ childhood memories of eating mandarin oranges.

みかん takes a break from the mature dance songs to take on a cuter and brighter vibe. The song begins with a sweet and pretty instrumental that moves into a cute atmosphere with the chorus. The vocals are enjoyable and they capture the excitement of the song very well. That excitement continues onto the verses and Ai in particular shines on her lines. Unlike other songs, it doesn’t go into a mellow mode but keeps that upbeat fun atmosphere that the listener can enjoy. The pure instrumental section gives it a new sound with the guitars coming to pump up the energy. Even though this song goes more along the cute road, it doesn’t go too far past the line and keeps a dance tune so the listener can enjoy it.

We get a cute jazzy style on this single’s B-side, ボン キュッ! ボン キュッ! BOMB GIRL. It was a very nice surprise to see the girls try out this jazzy sound that sounds like it belongs on a game show and they surprisingly managed to not go too cutesy, letting the listener really get a feel for both their voices and the music. This song is definitely one of the best Morning Musume B-sides and deserves a listen.

In order to promote the single, a PV for みかん was made. Matching the happy and sweet atmosphere of the song, the video features animated effects and cute dancing. It’s actually a quite pretty video and not as corny as it might initially seem.

Single Ranking: A

Both the A-side and B-side are more on the cute side but take on other traits to make them interesting. みかん features a fun dance sound that combines with the cuteness to be memorable while the B-side introduces jazzy elements for a good time. It’s an overall strong single that allows the girls to try different things while keeping a common tying sound.


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