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Hey! Say! JUMP’s debut single, entitled Ultra Music Power, was released on 11.14.07. The title track was used as the image song for the Volleyball World Cup 2007.

Ultra Music Power is the A-side and the first song on the single. The song begins with the boys singing “la la la” and it really works well with the music to start off the song on a strong note. The boys then spell out “JUMP,” telling the listener what each letter stands for and soon the instrumental is spotlighted. Bringing out a more relaxing feeling supported by the guitar is the first verse and the boys’ vocals sound great. The chorus stands out particularly because of the English phrases used that really pop. Music is really spotlighted during the pure instrumental section, which sounds very pretty but also has a certain cuteness to it that stands out. The song then closes with the boys once again spelling out JUMP much like how the song began. Ultra Music Power is a fun and upbeat song that is a great introduction for these boys.

The first B-side is Star Time. The song begins with a sweet piano instrumental with a certain magical feeling that comes through. Soon the first verse begins and the vocals move very nicely with the music as the instrumentation begins to pick up a little. Eventually the tempo changes to upbeat and is more catchy. The chorus sounds very pretty as the boys harmonize very well and move with the intrumentation effortlessly. A certain coolness comes out on the pure instrumental section that hooks the listener before the third verse begins, which has some great vocals. The song then reverts back to the slower tempo, centered around the piano for the finish, which rounds out the song very nicely. Star Time is a great number and really brings home a prettiness that the boys adapt to well.

Too Shy is the second B-side of the single. Opening the song is an upbeat instrumental that has a prettiness to it that stands out. The chorus shows off some very nice vocals and that go perfectly with the music. Smoothness comes out for the boys’ vocals during the first verse and helps connect the song. The English phrases during the third verse really stand out and the following pure instrumental section sounds fantastic, highlithed by the guitar. Too Shy is a very fun song that finds its home on this single.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Ultra Music Power was made. The video has a more futuristic and technological feel and features the boys in this world. There is one scene with the group sitting together as they sing and other scenes include the boys in flying pods. The video is very enjoyable and although unexpected for the song, it’s definitely a fun watch.

Single Ranking: A

Hey! Say! JUMP’s debut single features three songs that show off the boys’ talents very nicely. The A-side is a fun song and starts off the single with energy. Things take a momentary slow down for the first B-side, Star Time as the piano takes center-stage in the instrumentation. Too Shy picks up the energy again with a prettiness that the listener just loves.