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ayaka and Kobukuro’s first collaboration single, entitled WINDING ROAD, was released on 02.08.07. The song was used as the Nissan Cube CM song.

WINDING ROAD is an enjoyable upbeat number. The song starts off with ayaka and Kobukuro singing acapella and their voices all carry a naturalness so having the three come together just sounds great. It gets even better when the instrumentation comes in. The boys of Kobukuro start off the first verse and they sound great here with smooth vocals that carry the music along nicely. ayaka also adds her magic to the song by giving power and control as well as emotion all in one. The chorus is nice although a little more instrumental variety would have been nice. The pure instrumental section provides a nice opportunity for all three artists to show off their vocal abilities and they definitely do, ayaka being the person who shines the strongest. Overall, they come together to make a great song and their voices definitely mesh together very well.

In order to promote the single, a PV for WINDING ROAD was made. The video is very simple featuring a scene of three on a rotating platform, each in their own third with a microphone. Although there isn’t much going on, it’s a nice watch.

Single Ranking: A

ayaka and Kobukuro really are the perfect team as their voices all carry a naturalness about them thus putting them together only brings even more magic. The song features a nice upbeat feeling and it allows them to show off vocally. It’s certainly a song that any fan of either ayaka or Kobukuro would love.