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melody.’s 8th single, entitled Lovin’ U, was released on 11.08.06. Lovin’ U was used as the CM song for Kaou Reishasu, Our Journey was used as the main song for the Taiwanese movie Maboroshiyuuden, FEEL THE RUSH was used as the J Sports ESPN 「X-MUSIC SB FREAK」theme song and FEEL THE RUSH (Junkie XL Remix for “Need for Speed Carbon” was featured on Electronic Art’s Need for Speed: Carbon soundtrack.

Lovin’ U, a sweet midtempo number, is the single’s title track. The song begins with the first verse, in which there is a sweet relaxing feel to the music as well as melody.’s voice. Things pick up a little on the chorus as there is more of a cute poppiness that really matches the lyrics of the song as she sings “I gotta see your face everyday.” Lovin’ U is a nice song but it could have been stronger had it stayed more on the route of the sweet midtempo sound rather than having things pick up on the chorus.

Our Journey, a song sung in all English, is the single’s first B-side. A very pretty piano instrumental begins the song and establishes a dreamy and magical feeling that really catches the listener’s ear. She then comes in on the first verse and her voice is so pretty here, carrying a certain fragility that makes the meaning of the words really stand out. The transition into the chorus is so subtle that it’s somewhat hard to catch when it begins but her vocals show a little more power, which allows it to stand out for the rest of the song. The final note of the song is held with such beauty that the listener can’t forget it. Overall, she brings the emotional strength to this song that makes it so beautiful.

melody. then takes on a more sexy route for the edgy song, FEEL THE RUSH. Opening the song is a hot aggressive instrumental that is extremely addictive and then the first verse begins. Her vocals carry a certain sexual energy to them that suits the music perfectly and she makes the lyrics’ meaning really come alive. Following is the hook in which she sings “the city’s calling my name” and there is a certain prettiness about this part of the song that actually makes a nice little contrast from the rest of the song. Then the edginess comes back full force for the chorus, which stands out particularly when she sings “come with me” and “ride with me.” Not only is FEEL THE RUSH a fantastic song but it’s also one of melody.’s best songs in her entire discrogaphy. This song should have been the A-side because it’s that strong.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Lovin’ U was made. The video is pretty simple, featuring a small intimate party with people dancing and melody. moving a little. For the final chorus, the day becomes brighter and melody. shows a little more happiness. Overall, the video could have been much stronger with a little more energy but it’s a nice watch.

Single Ranking: A

Lovin’ U is a great single from melody. The A-side is a nice and sweet song but it’s the B-sides that really catch the listener’s attention. From the dreamy beauty of Our Journey to the sexy edginess of FEEL THE RUSH, melody. successfully tries out different sounds to make this a fantastic single.