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Tohoshinki’s debut single, entitled SHINE / Ride on, was released on 09.19.07.

SHINE is an energetic pop song. The song starts off a very fun and light atmosphere that immediately catches the listener’s ear as the boys give strong vocals on the chorus. Soon the first verse starts and there is a cool smoothness to the vocals that allow the listener to get hooked during the verses as well. The full chorus then appears and the boys continue to sound fantastic, keeping with the catchiness of the music. There is the pure instrumentation section which takes things in slightly different direction, really spotlighting a hot dance sound and is a definite standout part of the song. The song then finishes with that light-hearted instrumental, really taking the listener out nicely. SHINE is an excellent song and one of the best from the boys, showing their ability to shine.

Ride on takes a sexier route and the boys shine strongly. A cool dance instrumentation begins the song and then the first verse starts. The vocals are smooth, carrying a certain element to them that really matches the atmosphere of the song. It’s the chorus that really stands out for the vocalizing and the English phrases that pop nicely such as “you’re cruising with me.” The vocalizing and the loud “feel me” that is sung before the last chorus is really strong and really stands out to the listener. Closing the song is a very cute giggle, finishing it off nicely. Overall, Ride on is a fantastic song and definitely one to check out.

In order to promote the single, a PV for SHINE was made. There are dance sequences and moving pictures of the boys in very bright frames. They do a good job of performing their dances and they really go well with the song, making this video an enjoyable one.

Single Ranking: A +

Both songs on this double A-side single on strong and definitely some of Tohoshinki’s most memorable. SHINE takes on a happy pop atmosphere while Ride on brings out the boys’ more sexual side. It’s definitely a great single so everyone should check this one out.