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都会っ子 純情 shows off a more mature sound for the girls that they bring attitude and flare to. The song starts off with a hot instrumental along with one girl speaking and she opens the song very strongly. The following part of pure instrumentation brings that hot dance sound to the front before the first verse starts. The girls give some great vocals that nicely reflect the song’s lyrical meaning. “Don’t stop” is what really makes the hook pop and draws attention to the girls’ vocal prowess. The chorus stands out as the girls show a little more vocal power and sticks in the listener’s mind. The song closes just as strong as it began with the hot dance instrumentation and the same girl talking her way out. 都会っ子 純情 is definitely an addictive song and is worth the listen.

The B-side is 私立共学. The song starts off a sweet instrumental with a relaxing feel. Once the first verse begins, the girls sing in a more cutesy voice that really stands out to the listener. Sweet vocals and an enjoyable instrumental are the foundation of the chorus, which catches the listener’s ear and leads into pure instrumentation. The song is a sweet compliment to the A-side and is another good song from C-ute.

In order to promote, a PV for 都会っ子 純情 was made. The video features some great dance sequences, various close-ups and scenes of the girls walking through the city, dressing the part to match a more mature sound. The final scene of the girls all looking out is a great one and really makes a strong ending for the video.

A dance version of the PV was also formed, which shows off even more of the great dancing. The opening dance (as the girls do a train) opens the video very strongly and leads into an enjoyable rest of the video featuring fun dancing.

Single Ranking: A

C-ute really brings the edge with their new single, which is prominently featured on the title track, showcasing a more mature sound that the girls bring to life. The B-side allows the girls to shine on a cuter track.