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Hey! Say! 7’s debut and only single, entitled Hey! Say!, was released on 08.01.07. The group only released one single as they soon formed with other group Hey! Say! BEST to form the current group, Hey! Say! JUMP. Hey! Say! and BON BON were used as the opening and ending themes for the anime series LoveCon.

The opening song is Hey! Say! Opening the song is a very sweet piano instrumental that gracefully sets the group of for a strong song. The boys’ vocals supporting the music sound great and capture the atmosphere of the song very well. Soon the song turns from that sound into a more aggressive and catchy dance beat. The first verse features some great vocals that stand out to the listener. The chorus features a slightly different instrumental at some points but it still sounds great and the boys follow the musical direction effortlessly. Coolness and slickness come out strongly on the pure instrumental section, which nicely grabs the listener’s attention. The song ends on a very strong note with a cheer and a few moments of pure instrumentation. Hey! Say! is a great fun song with a good dance beat that makes the boys shine.

The first B-side is the slower song, BON BON. The song begins with a relaxing and slower song, powered by light rock tints. Vocals during the first verse go with the overall sound as they are smooth and carry very well. The chorus stands out as the boys hit their notes strongly and the opening phrase “bon bon bon bon bon” stands out. The slightly different instrumentation during the third verse is a nice change of pace and it makes a smooth transition back into the catchy chorus, which then closes the song. BON BON is a great track with a different sound that the boys still shine on.

Iをくれ is the third song on the single. A very sweet piano instrumentation opens up the song and immediately an atmosphere is established. Soon the tempo picks up and the first vocal sounds wonderful, smoothly moving into the first verse. The music remains interesting and the boys keep up strongly with their vocals. The chorus shows off a slightly more aggressive instrumental that the boys bring to life with strong vocals. The pure instrumental section spotlights just how cool and sleek the music is and gives the listener an opportunity to really appreciate it. Chinen’s vocals on this song really stand out and provide something unmistakably addictive for the song. This song is definitely one to keep track of because it’s both fun and addictive.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Hey! Say! was made. The video starts off with the boys singing in front of an apartment building and as soon as the music picks up, the boys are seen wearing white and dancing in front of “Hey! Say!” in big letters. There are also other scenes from that area that opened up the video that make up the video as well.

Single Ranking: A +

Hey! Say! 7’s debut single features three fantastic songs that these boys shine on. The group brings out the best on the dance tracks, Hey! Say! and Iをくれ. When things slow down and take on a more rock tint on BON BON, they still keep their cool. The boys brought their A-game on this one and it’s definitely a strong single.