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alan’s debut single, entitled 明日への讃歌, was released on 11.21.07. 

明日への讃歌 is a fantastic song that shows off alan’s beautiful vocals alongside her traditional sound that makes her unique. The song begins with the first verse as alan’s vocals smoothly and beautiful carry the listener into the world of the song. In the middle of the verse, there is a section of pure instrumentation that sounds great and connects back to the rest of the verse excellently. The chorus is easily the part of the song that stands out the most. alan shows off her absolutely fantastic vocals as she powerfully sings the lyrics. She holds her notes strongly and with such power that the listener becomes entranced during this section. alan then does some adlibbing over the instrumental that really sounds great. 明日への讃歌 is an aboslutely gorgeous song, the perfect introduction to alan, and alan’s strongest song to date.

桜モダン is the B-side of the single and a gorgeous song that is the perfect compliment to the A-side. Opening the song is a beautiful instrumentation that introduces the listener into the song perfectly. Her vocals during the first verse are fantastic, keeping with the music perfectly and carrying a story-like quality. The chorus sounds great as alan sings smoothly and strongly and the instrumentation becomes slightly more varied. The pure instrumental section is a welcomed addition to the song as it really gives the listener’s ears a voyage before coming back into the chorus. alan’s final notes are held beautifully and have a grace to them that is truly unmatched. The sound of water trickling closes the song fantastically. 桜モダン is a gorgeous song that is certainly one of alan’s best and deserves the listen.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 明日への讃歌 was made. The video is pretty simple as it features alan singing as she wears a black dress with gorgeous blue feathers. She is in a desert as she sings and the video begins dark and then grows lighter as time goes on. The setting of the video is absolutely gorgeous and is a real visual hook, making the PV extremely enjoyable. The fire that comes to life is a great addition to the video too. Overall the video is perfect and works with the imagery conveyed by the song.

Single Ranking: A +

alan’s debut single features two excellent songs that form a cohesive and enjoyable package. While the A-side shows off her vocals beautifully along with a strong instrumental, the B-side shows off a wonderful instrumental with a story-like quality to it. One of alan’s best, the single is certainly worth the listen.