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Koda Kumi’s 30th single, entitled Someday / Boys♥Girls, was released on 02.22.06. The single comes as the last of the 12 Singles Collection and was one of three not liimted to 50,000 copies. Boys♥Girls was used as the theme for the 2006 movie, Waters.

Someday is a sweet and warming song that will have the listener smiling the whole way through. The song begins with the hook and insantly, the loving atmosphere comes to life. She holds her notes well and the vocals contribute to a certain pretiness. On the verses, Kumi continues to sound sweet, carrying the music along and keeping with the relaxing vibe that evokes the image of staying home with the person you love. The chorus picks up the poppy energy a little more, which in turn makes it stand out more. Initially, I didn’t care for Someday but once I took the time to appreciate its sweet nature and see Kumi perform it live, I warmed up to it a lot.

Boys♥Girls is definitely the more interesting A-side though, taking on a fun cool sound. The song starts off with the chorus and Kumi’s vocals are very smooth here, melting over the instrumentation to give off a very cool vibe. All the English words stand out and giv the chorus a sort of uniqueness. The verses are catchier and Kumi gets to show off her vocal talents more, as the instrumentation keeps the listener engaged. But if there is one section of the song that stands out the most, it’s the hook, which features a slight instrumental change to a higher and lighter register. The katkana words “dameeji” and “imeeji” go together nicely with the English phrases “no good” and “something better.” She then finishes with “tanoshimi” and we find ourselves right back at the chorus. Following the second hook is a little pure instrumental section that keeps that coolness while pushing a more fun feeling as Kumi does some vocalizing. This is a great song and it’s a shame it didn’t get a place on BEST ~second session.~

Single Ranking: A +

Both songs on this single are great and they truly compliment the other. While Someday is a sweet love song that gives you that warm feeling, Boys♥Girls will make you want to dance and just have a good time. It’s an excellent representation of two different sides of Kumi, which makes for a great finish to the project.



Morning Musume’s 25th single, entitled SEXY BOY ~そよ風に寄り添って,~ was released on 03.15.06.

SEXY BOY ~そよ風に寄り添って~ is an addictive parapara number that shows off the girls’ more mature side perfectly. The song begins with some sort of string instrument that makes for a smooth transition into the song’s powerful and catchy instrumental with a clear beat alongside it. On the verses, a few of the girls get the chance to say a few words and then everyone comes together to finish the line. The chorus stands out as three girls get the chance to sing a solo line. Reina gets to sing one each time and her vocals are so strong that it’s no wonder why. That pure instrumental section is absolutely addictive before we come back into the string instrument, allowing for a little break before the chorus again. If there was one girl who really stood out to me, it was definitely Fujimoto Miki. Her vocals were perfect each time she sang and she absolutely nailed that last solo line. Overall, this is definitely one of Morning Musume’s best songs to date and certainly one to listen to.

The single’s B-side is チャンス チャンス ブギ. The opening instrumental just carries that fun and sweet atmosphere that is somewhat reminiscent of a circus. Eri and Risa take on the first verse and their vocals are pretty good here, showing off their vocal strength while still keeping with the overall atmosphere of the song. The hook is a little iffy with the loud “chance chance.” Miki takes her role on the chorus, which is nice but it still feels so similar to the hook that it just doesn’t stand out. Overall this song was not very memorable and didn’t even come close to the awesomeness that is the A-side.

In order to promote the single, a PV for SEXY BOY ~そよ風に寄り添って~ was made. The video is extremely simple, just featuring the girls dancing in a white room as well as each girl getting some close-up shots. All the girls are dressed in white so it really is a color tying video. Some of the girls [primarily Miki] look gorgeous so despite the simplicity of the video, it turned out very nicely.

Single Ranking: A

SEXY BOY ~そよ風に寄り添って~ is an amazing track that shows the true power of Morning Musume. Everything about the song was perfect: great vocals, an addictive instrumental and a fun and catchy atmosphere that is pushed by the girls’ mature feel. Even though the B-side wasn’t as memorable, H!P B-sides never are so it’s to be expected.


Ito Yuna’s 4th single, entitled Stuck on You, was released on 08.09.06. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ was used in a Daihitsu CM for the new COO car. The single was limited to 70000 copies and was part one of the “hot and cool” series, this one being the hot single.

Stuck on You is a fun dance song and is her first one to be an A-side. The song starts off with a fun and interesting instrumentation that sounds like it belongs in a circus before the song’s sweet and cute pop instrumentation starts. Then the first verse comes in and Yuna seems to be holding back vocally so that she can match that sweetness of the instrumental. The chorus stands out as she provides stronger vocals and some English phrases like “kiss me baby” and “hold me baby,” which stand out nicely. The pure instrumental section is a little lacking but it does fit with the overall theme of the song. This song is very catchy and while it’s not her strongest upbeat number, it’s worth checking out.

The B-side of this single is Yuna’s cover of the famous song These Boots Are Made For Walkin.’ Yuna’s vocals on this song were really smooth and sneaky, managing to push the attitude and sass of the song very nicely. Of course her pronounciation was strong so that also helps. It’s a really good cover even though the music is a little iffy.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Stuck on You was made. There is no true plot to the video but it just features Yuna in various pretty scenes such as when she looks in the mirror or lays on the bed and talks to her friend. This video also features Yuna dancing in a corset with female backup dancers. The video ends with Yuna talking to her friend and telling her that she’s in love so she doesn’t care if he’s good for her or not.

Single Ranking: B +

Stuck on You is a nice opportunity to put upbeat Yuna in the A-side position but unfortunately it’s not as strong as her previous singles. Her cover of These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ was enjoyable and a nice way to compliment the A-side. It’s not her best single but it’s a nice one.


Ito Yuna’s 3rd single, entitled Precious, was released on 05.03.06. The title track was used as the theme song for the movie Limit of Love: Umizaru.

Precious is a gorgeous love ballad. The song begins with the first verse and Yuna’s vocals are very soft and fragile here, which suit the very pretty instrumentation. What makes this song stand out is the chorus, in which Yuna belts out some powerful notes. There is a really grandiose and wonderful feeling here as Yuna hits her notes fantastically and allows the listener to feel the emotions of the song so strongly. The third verse features a slightly different instrumental and it works perfectly to re-introduce the chorus with a light and soft instrumental to put the focus on Yuna’s vocals. Precious is a great ballad and certainly one of Yuna’s most known songs for a reason. Her vocals are great and the emotions come pouring out on the chorus. It’s another strong song from Yuna worth checking out.

The first B-side is I’m Free. The song starts off with the first verse and immediately the listener picks up on the fun upbeat atmosphere of the song. She opens with “fly high to the sky with the wind,” which reflects a certain freeing atmosphere. Yuna manages to show off her vocal range here, reaching high on some notes and powerfully on others. The instrumentation during the verses is just so relaxing and addictive that the listener falls in love with it. The chorus feels just a little cheesy but it works with the overall atmosphere of the song so it doesn’t stand in the way, despite not being as strong as the verses. The pure instrumental section is nice because there is that jazzy element to it that gets to shine. I’m Free is a wonderful upbeat number that sounds great and compliments the A-side strongly.

Secrets is the second B-side of the single. Opening the song is an interesting and quirky poppish instrumental that tells a story. Then the first verse starts and her vocals are very smooth and pretty, complimenting the instrumentation perfectly. Once again, the chorus is a little cheesy but there’s something about it that is very loveable and that works with the overall atmosphere of the song. Although it’s not as strong as I’m Free, Secrets is an enjoyable song that has that cute element to it.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Precious was made. The video is gorgeous, featuring various scenes of Yuna in very pretty outfits. One scene features Yuna in a wedding dress surrounded by rose petals as she sits on the floor. Another scene features her in a field with an absolutely gorgeous view. This video is wonderful and is a strong visual representation of the beauty of the song.

Single Ranking: A –

Yuna continues with a string of good singles. Precious is a wonderful ballad with an emotional presence that stands out proudly. The two B-sides allow the listener to see the more upbeat side of Yuna. I’m Free is the stronger one with an addictive instrumental while Secrets is a cute number. Overall it’s a strong single that is worth checking out for any Yuna fan or one wanting to explore some of her sounds.


Ito Yuna’s 2nd single, entitled Faith / Pureyes, was released on 03.01.06. While Faith was used as the ending theme for the dorama UNFAIR, Pureyes was used as a promotional song for BIOCLEN ZERO contact lenses.

Faith is the sorrowful love ballad. The song begins with a melancholy instrumental that strikes the listener’s heart right away. Then Yuna comes in and as she sings the first verse, the listener can really feel the emotion in her voice and it comes across as believable and real. On the chorus, she maintains her strong vocals and the instrumentation becomes more diverse. Somehow the instrumentation takes on an even prettier tone while still portraying the emotions so the listener really falls into its sound. Near the end, she does some great vocalizing that really catches the listener’s ear. Faith is a great song and it suits Yuna’s voice better than previous A-side, ENDLESS STORY.

Pureyes, the second B-side, is the upbeat A-side. The song opens up very quickly with Yuna speaking in English as she sings “What you gonna do? Touch me baby” and immediately, the listener becomes intrigued by this combination of sweetness and flirtation. After the chorus ends, the instrumentation becomes more fun and happy, which really goes perfectly with Yuna’s voice. On the verses, there is a nice relaxing feeling and Yuna continues to give sweet and alluring vocals that support the atmosphere of the song perfectly. That pure instrumental section is so addictive and fun that the listener can’t help but love it. Pureyes is an insanely catchy number and one of Yuna’s best efforts thus far so it’s definitely worth the listen.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Faith was made. In fitting with the sorrowful atmosphere of the song, the video features Yuna all alone without love. There are scenes of her dressed in dark clothing against a dark background as well as scenes of her all alone in the city. It’s a very good representation of the song and Yuna looks great.

Single Ranking: A

Faith / Pureyes is a huge stepup from Yuna’s first single since we get the opportunity to see two sides of her. Faith gives us the emotional Yuna who is so good at delivering the emotions for the listener while Pureyes gives us the fun and sweet Yuna with a hint of flirtation. Both songs make this one unforgettable song.

Get It On was released as a single downloadable only though mu-mo for a certain period of time during the era of BEST ~second sesssion.~ The song was shortened and served as the introductory track for that album under the name Introduction to the second session.

Get It On opens up with the hook, in which Kumi sings in all English and the sexy element comes out to play as she sings “tell me, tell me what you want cause I’m right here, ready to serve, whatever you need.” Then the hot Arabian instrumental comes crashing in, teasing and enticing the listener strongly. The verses are the strongest part of the song as Kumi’s smooth vocals wrap around the music and keep the sexiness strongly. English phrases such as “secret stuff” and “I’m your fantasy” pop nicely and allow the listener’s ear to pick up that coolness. The chorus is addictive as well as Kumi shows a little more vocal strength and the first line, “it’s time to get it on,” really stands out. With the final looming hooks, Kumi goes even higher as she vocalizes and it’s a great way to finish the song off.

Single Ranking: A +

Kumi has always had a knack for her Arabian songs and Get It On is no exception. Hopefully this song will have some sort of physical release in the future.

ayaka’s 4th single, entitled 三日月, was released on 09.27.06. Originally this song was picked to be ayaka’s debut single but for unknown reasons, it was pushed back. The title track was used as a CM song for a chain of Japanese record stores and as a promotional song for @Human.

三日月 is a powerful ballad that touches the listener’s heart. The emotional atomsphere is established right from the opening instrumental and then ayaka comes in for the first verse. Her vocals here are wonderful, supporting the piano perfectly. On the chorus, the emotions seem to come even stronger as it almost feels like ayaka is tearing up while singing with such beauty, power and control. The third verse allows for a nice little change of pace as the music takes a new turn. This is a great ballad with wonderful vocals to enhance the song’s atmosphere.

君のキスで… is a fantastic uptempo number drawing on Spanish influences. The song starts off with a nice upbeat Spanish influenced instrumental that immediately catches the listener’s ear. Her vocals during the verse carry that certain smoothness that only ayaka can bring. The chorus allows ayaka to show off her powerful her voice can be and with the more aggressive instrumental, taking on some rocky sounds, it really stands out from the rest of the song.

In order to promote the single, two PVs for 三日月 was made. One was made before ayaka’s official debut, which features ayaka sitting in a boat and sitting and watching absolutely gorgeous scenery. The other PV made during the actual single promotion time features ayaka sitting on a lamp-post.

Single Ranking: A

As the final single before the release of First Message, 三日月 was a great single from start to finish. The A-side is a great ballad with the emotions in the forefront for the listener to enjoy. 君のキスで… takes on Spanish sounds and it’s different from other songs done by ayaka so it’s a nice new treat.