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Morning Musume’s 35th single, entitled みかん, was released on 11.21.07. The single represents the girls’ childhood memories of eating mandarin oranges.

みかん takes a break from the mature dance songs to take on a cuter and brighter vibe. The song begins with a sweet and pretty instrumental that moves into a cute atmosphere with the chorus. The vocals are enjoyable and they capture the excitement of the song very well. That excitement continues onto the verses and Ai in particular shines on her lines. Unlike other songs, it doesn’t go into a mellow mode but keeps that upbeat fun atmosphere that the listener can enjoy. The pure instrumental section gives it a new sound with the guitars coming to pump up the energy. Even though this song goes more along the cute road, it doesn’t go too far past the line and keeps a dance tune so the listener can enjoy it.

We get a cute jazzy style on this single’s B-side, ボン キュッ! ボン キュッ! BOMB GIRL. It was a very nice surprise to see the girls try out this jazzy sound that sounds like it belongs on a game show and they surprisingly managed to not go too cutesy, letting the listener really get a feel for both their voices and the music. This song is definitely one of the best Morning Musume B-sides and deserves a listen.

In order to promote the single, a PV for みかん was made. Matching the happy and sweet atmosphere of the song, the video features animated effects and cute dancing. It’s actually a quite pretty video and not as corny as it might initially seem.

Single Ranking: A

Both the A-side and B-side are more on the cute side but take on other traits to make them interesting. みかん features a fun dance sound that combines with the cuteness to be memorable while the B-side introduces jazzy elements for a good time. It’s an overall strong single that allows the girls to try different things while keeping a common tying sound.



Morning Musume’s 33rd single, entitled 悲しみトワイライト


Morning Musume’s 34th single, entitled 女に 幸あれ, was released on 06.25.07.

女に 幸あれ is an aggressive angry dance track. The song starts off with a hot upbeat dance instrumental that carries enough emotion in it to make the listener realize that there’s more than just an energetic beat. The first verse features Koharu and Ai and their vocals are very good here, managing to compliment the music perfectly and to portray the song’s emotions. The hook definitely stands out because of the repeating “baka ne” part and the newly strong instrumentation. On the chorus, there are strong vocals and the instrumentation remains interesting. The only thing is that it sounds so similar to the hook and a little change could have made it stand out more. Following the chorus is an absolutely addictive pure instrumental section which is perfect for a little dance break. The full pure instrumental section is probably the climax of the song since we get a new instrumental that makes the listener want to continue moving before the chorus is re-introduced. This is definitely a great song worth checking out since it shows the mature side of Morning Musume with emotions in it that make it stand out from their other songs.

This single’s B-side is Please! 自由の扉. Opening the song is a very interesting and laidback instrumental that soon grows into an upbeat and catchy sound. On the first hook, Ai takes the step and does a good job of providing strong vocals with conviction and ease. The verses are enjoyable as the girls divide up into pairs and compliment each other so well and although it may not be quite so noticeable, there is a note in each line that is slightly higher than the others and it really is grabbing. The chorus is nice even though it’s a little bland.

onsa2In order to promote the single, a PV for 女に 幸あれ was made. The video is more of a flashy and cool video, featuring the girls dressed up in fancy yellow showgirl costumes as they get some close-ups, stand (or sit) with their singing part and do some dancing. The thing that stands out about this video is that you get to see the girls mouth “baka ne” and their faces perfectly portray the emotions of the song (especially Reina). Even though it was kind of weird to see them mouth it they didn’t say it in the song, it’s still cool.

Single Ranking: A –

Morning Musume certainly did a good job on this single. The title track is emotion-filled dance track that will keep the listener moving. The B-side is pretty nice although a little predictable. Nonetheless, it’s another strong single release from these girls that is definitely worth checking out.

sifow’s 4th single, entitled RULE, was on 05.16.07.

RULE, a sweet love song, takes the reigns as the A-side. The song begins with a catchy pop instrumental and soon a few lines of the chorus are sung. sifow gives some great vocals here to match with the sweet and somewhat relaxing music. On the verses, it slows down a little bit as the focus is on her voice rather than the music and she sings a little deeper than usual. The chorus stands out the strongest particularly because of strength in comparison to the verses. The music is more aggressive and her vocals give more strength.

The B-side is the hollow love song, Love Regrets. Beginnging the song is a dark and sleek instrumental that is instantly addictive. The first line “hold me tight, still love me?” captures a sexual atmosphere that is unmistakable. Following is the first verse and there is such a cold atmosphere that the listener falls in love.

In order to promote the single, a PV for RULE was made. The video is very colorful, featuring lots of butterflies. Although there isn’t any story, it’s just a very visually-appealing video and the gold scene is wonderful because sifow looks flawless.

Single Ranking: A –

Love Regrets is the real star of this single and should have been the A-side but RULE is a nice and relaxing song worth checking out. The single is one to remember and hopefully sifow will be back before we know it.

sifow’s 5th single, entitled 夏花火, was released on 07.25.07.

夏花火, a light dance number, serves as the single’s A-side. The song starts off with the chorus, an uptempo dance instrumental with sifow providing some great vocals to support it. The following section of pure instrumentation allows the listener to hear the traditional Japanese elements that make it so interesting. She stands just as strong on the verses as her vocals keep a sleekness that support the pretiness of the instrumentation. With a gorgeous instrumentation and great vocals from sifow, it’s no wonder that this song was chosen to be released.

Ai-Ai!!! is a fantastic dance number that really catches the listener’s ear. The song opens up with the chorus, which only features sifow singing “ai-ai” and “wow-wow-wow.” Her vocals really work with the dance feel of the instrumentation and soon we come into the first verse. There is a really cool atmosphere as sifow’s vocals are once again sleek and suit the almost sexual feeling of the song. One part that really stands out is the pure instrumental section when the music fades and then comes back strongly. This song is even stronger than the A-side and definitely makes the single fantastic from start to finish.

In order to promote the single, a PV for 夏花火 was made. The video features a very traditional look from the outfits to the people playing the instruments. As always, sifow looks absolutely gorgeous and the sheer pretiness of the video makes it a definite one to watch out for.

Single Ranking: A +

夏花火 and Ai-Ai!!! are both wonderful songs that really build this single to be strong from start to finish. The B-side is more aggressive in terms of its dance feel while the A-side takes on a pretty sound to support sifow. It’s definitely a single worth checking out.

Shimatani Hitomi’s 25th single, entitled Neva Eva, was released on 06.06.07. The title track was used as the opening theme for the Nippon TV Wrestling 2007

Neva Eva is an edgy dance song that shows the power of Shimatani Hitomi. Opening the song is an upbeat and addictive instrumental that makes the listener want to get up and dance. On the first verse, Hitomi’s vocals carry that edge and sleekness that is mirrored in the instrumentation to make a dangerous combination. The chorus stands out strongly as the music continues to support her and the last vocals of the chorus are really what make it pop. On the pure instrumental section, those jazzy flares come out strongly and keep the listener entertained from start to finish. Neva Eva is a fantastic song that is one of Hitomi’s best, if not her best, making it a definite one to listen for.

白昼夢 is a enticing Latin song. The song starts off with an instrumentation driven by Latin sounds that immediately catches the listener’s attention. Her vocals during the first verse are smooth and carry that a certain sexiness about them just works with the Latin heat of the music. The chorus stands out pretty easily although it doesn’t feature any particular instrumental or vocal change but there’s a certain magic behind it. On the pure instrumental section, there are a few different instruments that have the time to shine before Hitomi comes back in with some vocals. This is a great song and could’ve served as the single’s A-side because it’s so strong.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Neva Eva was made. The video features Hitomi as an office secretary doing some various things such as throwing a paper onto the copy machine, typing at her desk and a whole lot of dancing. It’s actually a pretty cool video despite being pretty simple.

Single Ranking: A +

Both songs on this single make it one fantastic one that entices the listener. Neva Eva is a fast-paced dance song that will immediately make the listener fall in love with Hitomi. The B-side slows things down a bit to bring the Latin flavor, suiting Hitomi’s vocals perfectly. It’s a great single from start to finish.

ayaka and Kobukuro’s first collaboration single, entitled WINDING ROAD, was released on 02.08.07. The song was used as the Nissan Cube CM song.

WINDING ROAD is an enjoyable upbeat number. The song starts off with ayaka and Kobukuro singing acapella and their voices all carry a naturalness so having the three come together just sounds great. It gets even better when the instrumentation comes in. The boys of Kobukuro start off the first verse and they sound great here with smooth vocals that carry the music along nicely. ayaka also adds her magic to the song by giving power and control as well as emotion all in one. The chorus is nice although a little more instrumental variety would have been nice. The pure instrumental section provides a nice opportunity for all three artists to show off their vocal abilities and they definitely do, ayaka being the person who shines the strongest. Overall, they come together to make a great song and their voices definitely mesh together very well.

In order to promote the single, a PV for WINDING ROAD was made. The video is very simple featuring a scene of three on a rotating platform, each in their own third with a microphone. Although there isn’t much going on, it’s a nice watch.

Single Ranking: A

ayaka and Kobukuro really are the perfect team as their voices all carry a naturalness about them thus putting them together only brings even more magic. The song features a nice upbeat feeling and it allows them to show off vocally. It’s certainly a song that any fan of either ayaka or Kobukuro would love.