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So I’m sure you all have noticed that this blog has been largely inactive. I mean my last post was on January 31st…which is definitely a long time ago. What’s going on, you ask? Well in case you didn’t know, I manage three blogs including this one: Amai Wana and Asia no Yoru ~Perfume~ being the other two. And if you check those blogs out, you’ll notice that they’re very active. I admit that this blog got kind of the short end of the string (lol, I’m pretty sure that’s the wrong phrasing) and although it was not my intention, I’ve let this blog fall back. The reason is that school definitely has to come first and when I blog, Amai Wana pretty much always takes first priority. I plan out a review schedule so I have a concrete place to focus my attention. Destiny Line -Ai no Matador- isn’t constrained to one year so I could review something from any time period, which makes making a review schedule a little harder. Asia no Yoru ~Perfume~ isn’t a review type blog so basically I can take it in any direction I want and that freedom makes it easier to come back to. Plus I’m a dedicated fan of Hey! Say! JUMP so blogging about them is never a chore. I’ve actually started a few reviews here and there that I’ve attempted to get done for some time now but the time just hasn’t come…it still hasn’t come actually. But I’ll have two weeks free of homework, starting at the end of March and when those two weeks roll around, I’m hoping that this blog will be active again. I have some planned out from Ayu in particular so I hope those get materialized. Basically I started this blog as a means to review all the stuff that I wanted to review but not on Amai Wana and admittedly, I’ve done most of the ones that I’ve wanted to so…

I just need some time to think about what direction this blog goes. I don’t really wanna close it down because some of the reviews here, I’m very proud of…but my passion for this particular one is kinda waining so…

Much like Koda Kumi in the Ai no Uta PV, I’m sad. Sad for this blog but not for the others cause I’m very happy with those two and you should all take a look!!