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Tanimura Nana’s 2nd single, entitled Say Good-bye, was released on 11.14.07.

Say Goodbye is a dance track that features Nana telling off her boyfriend. The song takes off with Nana giving some really strong vocals and then she sings the first verse. She gives a certain sleekness to her voice that really compliments the music, capturing the listener’s ear. For the chorus, Nana shows off a little more vocal power and the English phrases like “you should let me go” and “you’d ask me why” really pop. There is a rap sequence during the third verse, which is done in all English and it’s a really nice fit for this song as the lyrics go perfectly the song’s overall theme. The chorus closes the song, allowing Nana to deliver the final vocals with power and control.

Nana comes back to go with a more rock-driven instrumentation for the first B-side, JEALOUS GIRL. Her vocals definitely go with the music well and the combination of the two help create an enjoyable atmosphere. Her repetition of “just a jealous girl” during the chorus actually does come off as repetitive and sticks in the listener’s mind. It’s a very nice song and worth checking out.

Gimmick shines as there is a real coolness to it. Nana brings strong vocals over the edgy dance beat to solidify the listener’s interest. It’s another great song that Nana sounds very comfortable on, making sure the listener follows from beginning to end.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Say Good-bye was made. The video features Nana dancing with two backup dancers, her singing in front of a blue background and Nana texting her boyfriend on her phone. Although there isn’t much going on, it’s a nice video and Nana looks very pretty.

Single Ranking: A

Tanimura Nana continues to be strong on her second single, this time taking a dance route for the title track. Say Good-bye is a very enjoyable dance track that she shines on. The B-sides are strong once again, Gimmick being the more memorable one of the two. This is another solid single from Nana from its start to its finish.


Tanimura Nana’s debut single, entitled Again, was released on 05.30.07. The title track was used as the theme song for the dorama, Oniyome Nikki Ii Yu da na.

Again is a sweet sad song that Nana brings to life. The song starts off with a very pretty piano instrumental that very quickly establishes the song’s atmosphere. Following is the first verse and Nana brings some very pretty vocals to support the music and as the verse continues, the song’s beat becomes very clear. The chorus really stands out as Nana brings strong vocals to reflect the song’s sorrow. The song’s beauty really comes out on the pure instrumental section, spotlighting just how fragile the music is and how well it keeps the listener entranced. Again is a fantastic song and Nana definitely brought her A-game on this one.

The first B-side of the single is get it on. The opening instrumentation features a cool rock-tinted sound that stands out immediately. The first verse comes in and Nana delivers attitude and power to her vocals, which help create a sleek and strong atmosphere. She sings “turnin’ me on, turnin’ me on” to open up the chorus and the following English phrases all stand out strongly. After a little pure instrumental section, she delivers some absolutely fantastic vocals, displaying her power and control. For a cool attitude, get it on arises as an enjoyable number that the listener can love from beginning to end.

瞳の中のモラル is the single’s second B-side. The chorus is what really stands out for a really cool atmosphere, driven by a rock-hinted instrumentation. There is a real carefree attitude about this song that catches the listener’s ear, making it another enjoyable song for this single.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Again was made. There is a very natural prettines about this video that really shines, keeping the viewer interested. There is no significant plot and just features Nana singing in various places such as in her house and outside.

Single Ranking: A

Tanimura Nana definitely comes strongly with her debut single. Again is a very pretty song that really connects with the listener as Nana brings the emotions to life through sweet and sorrowful vocals. Both B-sides are tinted by rock sounds which make them stand out. It was definitely a strong way to start her off and all three songs are worth the listen.