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EMYLI’s 5th single, entitled Day By Day, was released on 04.18.07.

Day By Day is a hot R&B dance number that keeps the listener enticed. Opening the song is a strong dance instrumental and then EMYLI shows off just how powerful her vocals are as she belts out some fantastic ones. The first verse features some smooth vocals that carry a sexiness to them, carrying the listener to the chorus, which sounds fantastic. It’s particularly memorable for when she sings “baby crazy,” which serves as the opening phrase. Her vocals here are stronger and catch the listener’s attention. The pure instrumental section offers the perfect time for a dance break, then moving back into the chorus. More pure instrumentation then closes the song. Day By Day is an excellent song, one of EMYLI’s best as she shows off her powerful vocals over a cool R&B beat.

Shake The Habit serves as the single’s B-side. The guitar begins the song over a sweet uptempo instrumental. EMYLI’s vocals are very nice on the first verse, really capturing the emotion of the song. She then proceeds to give even more power in her vocals on the chorus when she sings “shake the habit.” It’s a very nice song for showing off her vocals and worth checking out.

In order to promote the single, a PV for Day By Day was made. There are some fantastic dance sequences as well as EMYLI singing by a fence showing off her new sexy look. She looks great and brings the coolness of the song to life in this video, which makes it one to check out.

Single Ranking: A –

Day By Day is an excellent single from its hot dance title track to the sweet and powerful B-side. She certainly has the voice to pull these songs off so this is a single to check out.


EMYLI’s 6th single, entitled テキトー Lover, was released on 07.18.07. The single features an A-side, a B-side as well as an English version of the A-side and a Spanish version of the B-side.

EMYLI and VERBAL team up for the fun pop song テキトー Lover. The song begins with a hot instrumental with a really catchy beat with a few vocalizations from EMYLI and soon VERBAL comes in with his rap sequence. He raps in all English and his voice really fits with the attitude of the song. EMYLI then sings the first verse and gives some great vocals, carry emotion and soul before the chorus. The chorus is addictive and the title of the song sticks out as EMYLI uses her powerful vocals to carry her. The rest of the song continues with some great vocals from EMYLI and some addictive raps from VERBAL, which makes テキトー a fantastic song.

Look At Me Now serves as the single’s B-side. It features a happier sound that really catches the listener’s ear. As always, EMYLI’s vocals are spot on and support the music to make it a very enjoyable number.

In order to promote the single, a PV for テキトー Lover. She contines the more sexy image as she performs more dance routines. Both EMYLI and VERBAL look great in this video and their interactions are always enjoyable, particularly at the end of the video. It suits the song well, which makes it a successful PV.

Single Ranking: A

EMYLI brings more strength to her 6th single, which features a hot dance song to be the A-side. Look At Me Now is a nice sweet B-side worthy of the single as well, which makes this another strong single for EMYLI.