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Hello all and welcome to Destiny Line – Ai no Matador, – a J-Pop review blog. Perhaps some of you can recognize my writing style as I am the same author of the blog, Amai Wana. I decided that this blog will be devoted to releases that were released before 2008 and Amai Wana is dedicated to releases in the current year. Many artists that were reviewed over at the other blog will be reviewed here as well. I hope that you all continue to enjoy in-depth material from me and visit the site often. Both blogs will continue strongly!

The name of the blog is derived from two separate parts. “Destiny Line” is the name of Leah Dizon’s debut album and she is an artist that I love. She has great songs and I definitely recommend checking out her music. “Ai no Matador” is the first song on the pacific album by Johnny’s Entertainment group, NEWS. The song is highly addictive and I chose to make it a part of the title because I love NEWS.

I hope everyone enjoys this blog as it begins to get its legs going.


20 Responses to "About"

Interesting concept! I like the idea because it keeps it sorted. I hope to see your new blog take off! I’ll add you on my blogroll immediately.


Oh sure!
I’ll add you to my blogroll right now.

Added you 😀
I love Leah Dizon too.
Her ‘Love Paradox’ single was the first Japanese single I ever bought.

Oh hey, a NEWS fan.
I’ve recently gotten into them.

hey, it is mooray from the Asian Invasion 🙂
I linked here

P.S I like NEWS too

Added you 🙂

so with Amai Wana you’ll do 2009 releases and so on?

yep, once 2009 rolls around, Amai Wana will be closed for 2008 and only doing 09! Then 2008 will officially be open for 2008 🙂

Hay I added you already !! XD

wow! great idea in making another one!
I just wonder if I could say this again…
would you like to exchange links with me?
it’s called “Shuffle And Repeat”

thanks and good luck with this!

^the “Shuffle And Repeat” is my blog name…
i forgot to say it :]

LOL forget to day, my name is
BoA’s Jewelry Box!! XD not BoA My Jewel

Hey! I was wondering if you could trade links with me? 🙂 I recently started a blog, so I need all the promotion I can get. ^-^’
Sora to Kujira

hey =D i also have a new blog and was wondering if you would like to affliate/exchange links? ^_^

I’ve already added you! XD

I was wondering if you would be interested in affiliating with my website? ^^ I mainly post Korean and Japanese releases, along with descriptive reviews.

Unfortunately, I do not have a graphical representation of the site (re: banner).

Aaah, thanks for the comment! I’ve actually seen your blog a few times, and I really like your style of reviewing as well!

I’m adding both your blogs now. ^^

Wow this blog is stellar! Great work! I’ll be sure to link you

I’m linking youuuuuuu. Link exchange me up. ❤

Nintendofanboy here again XD I’ll add this blog roll to since I absolutely enjoy your reviews here as well.

You can check out my blog if you like:

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